Hitler Hollywood

kinoplakat-inglourious-basterds A real review of the film "Inglourious Basterds" of star director Tarantino I will possibly late filing.

So far, I seem to erörternswert a few things.

An involved in the Nazi butcher-Jewish violence orgy performer known, according to the British "Guardian" open his long-held, here lived out as a Nazi Totprügler sexualistischen fantasies.

Otherwise die in the ham Hitler and Goebbels in Paris in the cinema, and cinema is apparent extra-aestheticized extreme violence (against Nazis is ok're not human) anyway the most important thing.

It seems that you can still checkout can make "against Hitler" with any crap, because attention is guaranteed.

On the idea that every Stümperfilm (perhaps the film's gorgeous too, I do not know) about the Nazis and the Third Reich same certainly can win its appeal again comes from these profiteers apparently not.

When I lived in the US 30 years ago as a teenager twice about my summer vacation, there's been two very cute variants war movies in the afternoon TV, the one in this country never showed my knowledge.

Variant one was in a kind of Second World War Comedy, were flattened in the fat, stupid, roaring, red-faced German Nazis as dull Back ridiculous, actually more Wilhelmine village mayor of cool Amis.

Version two looked after the Japs; however, these were shown to be absolutely cruel, deceitful, nasty little yellow rats even once fired back when they had already been rolled over three times the tank and also torched the flamethrower.

I thought then not as much as today, but wondered about the meaning of these films.

Was that really so much fun for the people, respectively exciting?

Had to World War II practically nachgewonnen every afternoon in a completely idiotic way again?

Today, it seems a little more subtle proceed (recently it was the horny concentration camp guard Aunt Cate Blanchett as a sex teacher a young man).

I hope that many people look at such nonsense to get an idea of ​​the psyche of the winner.

On delektierende Hollywood films on Eisenhower's behest of the Rhine meadows hundreds of thousands pathetic verreckenden German prisoners of war but we will probably have to wait a while longer.

And in the Dresden firestorm only 25,000 displaced people, the wounded, women and children should by now be burned, so actually too few Nazis, not much fun.

A few years ago but it went out of at least ten times the number of victims, but in the case is "playing down" or "denial" no problem for prosecutors.

Perhaps rotates so times a Hollywood United director a funny movie about the fact that there were only actually 25 depperte Nazis in Dresden, the tinkering of a dull brick bomb while flying all over comedy way into the air, so that even Mayor Hans-Hunn of herb ornamental flower garden mitangesengt was.

Whether then standing in all cinemas "God save the Queen" is sung and "Bomber Harris do it again!" Chanted amid laughter, it will show.

Perhaps the audience throws and hooting with rice, as once in the "Rocky Horror Picture Show."

Maybe bring the one or the other therefore also makes a down.

Even people humor, finally evolving.

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