For "All and None"

I try again to clarify it a little.

Who "for the reader" writes is either advertisers or journalist or children's book author, or someone who wants to sell his books necessarily.

Here something else will take place.

"Uninhibited - Uncensored" The idea is not even mine, but I liked it, so I took the motto.

But what does that mean?

This means that I seek here to breed no clientele that, whether Muslim, Jew, Christian, heathen, agnostic, atheist, Hindu, Buddhist or sonstnochwas can expect to always by the expected and in various forms reliably satisfied Aufgegeigte therein begun to restore a practiced writes something they want to hear.

So it is otherwise common practice, and that in general, if the writer is somewhat talented, successful.

But I have already seen in an age that exceeds that from that previously promised me Moslem Navid Kermani only three years so many wrongheaded in all the above and also not said rows that I place myself outside aware of such categories, as well as outside those of "left" and "right".

I guess, in fact, the intelligent Jews more than the foolish Gentiles; Christians, who understands love as true fundamental value more than the Muslim and vice versa; I try very easy to raise a voice that stands above all this pathetic cry.

Where should I missing it, I beg your comments.

I make no bones about it otherwise, that my Abrahamic basic concept of a punishing God is intellectually and emotionally contrary; after all, I say that, in contrast to others, even significantly.

Would bring even any good arguments as to why I should raise my children along such a guideline, I went on a determined and considered thereat.

But that never came before in my life.

So, enough with respect to all the Abrahamites that but just go all in their supposed holiness alone at each other's throats.

If, for no reason of values ​​from any kind of decent belief that z. B. the use of uranium munitions represents a catastrophic war crimes?

Is not every honest belief necessarily inherent in these plutocratic world order of all righteousness mockery?

Why do I sit down here and write?

Probably not for everyone and no.

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