UFO landing on Bilderberg Hotel!

According to various reliable sources today landed overnight on the Bilderberg Hotel in Athens a UFO.

Since it probably arrived unannounced and to make matters worse still a huge floureszierendes banner reading "DEMOCRACY NOW!" Duke behind, which, strangely enough, could be read by any observer in his mother tongue, opened CIA special forces immediately fire with heavy weapons, whereby uranium ammunition should have been used.

Through the Transparent flew the projectiles without any damage through to returning to drop the attackers in a wide arc as tungsten balls on the feet, so that the cries and whimpers of the elite troops was down to listen to the beach.

The directly-related to the UFO missiles again turned off the outer shell of the same in dancing light disks, which are still returning fire ends staggered in a sudden weakness, so that the whole battle lasted only about two minutes.

Then was heard at a volume that they could be heard partly to Athens, and also at frequencies that radio stations worldwide made involuntarily emit the cry: "IMAGES ARE WORTHLESS BERGERS".

And in turn, was the message strange way to be heard in all idioms.

At the same time the call was probably so strengthened also in the low frequency range targeted, that the whole building shook and trembled, slices were broken, shattered glasses on the tables and burst the entire contents of the wine cellar.

After that rang a "JUST A WARNING", and the UFO was gone as quickly as it appeared.

The cleanup at the hotel to take.

To what extent the conference proceeds, it is not yet known.

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2 Responses to "UFO landing on Bilderberg Hotel!"

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  2. Petra Waigand says:

    did you even ask if you might have interest Frieder Wagner comes time to Hammelburg and his film Deadly Dust shows.
    He was twice in Schweinfurt he would also like to think I ever come to Hammelburg. The film is totally super !!!!
    Contact can I produce would be no problem.

    With best regards
    Petra Waigand

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