Teaching of Islam?

The discussion continues.

In fact, many good arguments for a German-led teaching of Islam in this country, which I will not repeat here.

I just wonder how state-paid teachers will explain the Muslim children and young people, why women according to the Quran only half the inheritance entitled as men, as the thing with Aishe, the child wife of Muhammad, polygamy or the death penalty for Muslims who depart from the faith, classify ,

The fact that the Quran provides to tolerate at least Jews and Christians halfway, but only with eingschränkten rights, seems problematic in the light of our legal system, the more still that Nichtabrahamiten still can expect much less, to say the very posh.

Can you teach Islam by some of its key messages are simply ignored?

Or it is used to "calm" the situation made it possible to communicate in German schools clearly fundamentally illegal content?

It will be interesting.

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