"The damage the good is the most harmful harm"

Friedrich Nietzsche - Thus spake Zarathustra. This parable I have only now - I hope at least half - understood in light of the financial crisis.

"Think positive" - think well, was the basis of the whole pyramid scheme, which is now in the result carries us into the economic decline. The devil himself has invented the most optimistic, pick up the thereat have stumbled, fallen souls more easily. The Optimist is the backers of even the most perverse power, the optimist, the Illusionist, the willing followers. The little soul who looks even before approaching the abyss impulsive the smallest cliff happy.

"I think basically once positive" - told a mother of three, when I spoke to the financial crisis and the possible consequences of those. Probably thinks such a chicken still positive when the hunger is already considered as a permanent guest in the house. Or, then, all at once, the little hen feels betrayed by all sides, if no positive thinking with empty stomachs more help. These are the dolls. Such people turning to loans to the rest of substance. The optimists are the nursery bed for the money cheat. Therefore, their thinking is offered to us as a model in advertising and media. Optimists are crap. Most psychotherapists are therefore also crap.

One thinks so positive that you want to do from Afghanistan after only seven to thirty years, a beautiful democracy, by just a little positive war. One thinks so positive that generally Islam would forget his traits. One thinks so positive that you think you can come off debts through debt. One thinks so positive that we think, perfect children were just too good to need.

"The damage the good is the most harmful harm!"

One thinks so positive that it itself holds the web of lies the large dairy farm for good, because it better after all the people. Which must be yes lied to his "good". One thinks positively to phosphorus and scattering and napalm bomb. The visible peaks of positive thinkery's USA. There, the positive-thinking citizen's duty is to its setting, while a model for the rest of the world.

"Bad, which is cowardly!" - That is another sentence. Today's optimism is nothing more than an expression of cowardice.

Something else is an optimism that a better frohgemutes addressing, on a realistic basis. Where faith - especially since times to yourself - is founded on reasonable assessment of the possible, you will find positive growth fundamentals; Optimism, however, remains an "ism".

I go so far as to claim that this optimism is a subsidiary ideology of capitalism, the interest rate rule. Make debt is optimistic.

Do I speak the pessimism that word? Not at all. Doomsayers are to me no less than the Machbarkeitsphantasten contrary: only the latter had long the fatal upper hand. Now what?

The stupidity of the "principle once positive thinking" of optimism as such belongs nude and exposed. A Culture Core of doubting and unbelief heard from childhood promoted. Each loan must be taught as questionable nature.

The power of negative thinking must be conveyed as a regulative penetrates into the consciousness of the people. Achieving Wünscher it was the mainstream or esoteric places are exposed to the ridicule they deserve. Lessons from the noise of optimism are now drawn.

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