Deed for deed

The idea is simple: Every household in which children are raised and works in which at least one parent, it is socially insured or self-employed, will receive a key to be drawn up to 50,000 euros annual income linearly decreasing a time credits.

That is, the respective household is entitled to ancillary activities in the home, in child care, waste management, in the garden, in purchasing, etc. by Hartz IV recipients in a certain extent of hours per week.

No winner targeted activities (office, production, etc.) can be accessed here. Who does not want to cash in his hours to complete can sell this for z. B. four euros per hour to interested parties. We start the program with childless, 30-year-old among beneficiaries.

Nobody sees one more reason why there are now low earning are millions of end of work with children who do not receive any relief by unemployed beneficiaries.

Who the other hand, now makes such useful, the should get a € more per hour occasionally privately or from the state treasury, who always unwilling notice, may have to incur substantial financial cuts.

The absolute absurdity, the community-destroying itself consists, so far in fact, is that a clever recipient already just like that, legally Extra Income fortiori more, with a little moonlighting beyond lightly can earn much more than a low-earners, especially with children.

And at 0-20 hours of work per week, instead of including child care, 70 to 80! Non-workers must continue to work for the end of work, in the sense of the common good, just because of the child-friendliness.

The organization, monitoring, especially as necessary bureaucracy would, however, just the right activity for unemployed bankers, insurers and Anderlei accountant.

Specifically, I want to emphasize that none of the masses of innocent unemployed should be vilified, rather taken appropriate and meaningful also in the duty. That capital gains of corporations are again under full control, be understood in the context of itself. Everyone has to get not just the poor.

(Written in September 2006)

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