Absolute American Freedom: Hail Obama!

All Men, Every Rancid Individual Can, Anywhere, Now

get, in the name of the United Suspicious Authorities, duly

Flagellated, Ransacked, Erased, Exterminated, Droned, Orderly Murdered

(For verification of the above said read the NDAA.)

Ain’t the installment of such a caring, wise form of government worth another Nobel Peace Price?


Hail Obama! Hail!

Thou, Brother of Brothers of all Fathers, hast brought ultimate democracy!

Finally, everyone is equal before the Law!

Thou couldst even order thyself be taken out by the Feds, if deemed thinking of cooperating with forces that might conspire with people that know people that possibly seek contact with terrorist suspects!

O Holy Man Saint! Yea: The world haileth thee, Fulfiller of All American Freedom!

Any one man who dareth befoul the righteousness of the Republic will subsequently find absolute justness!


This is bliss!

The rapture that thou hast brought shall reign forever! Redemption! O Saviour! O Pentagrammaton!

We shall pray to thee eleven times a day; once in our awakening; once before sunrise; once at sunrise; once after sunrise; once before noon; once at noon; once after noon; once before sunset; once at sunset; once after sunset; once before swoon.

And we shall, on oath, yes, we swear to Our Highest Lordness, buy up all candles on earth, so that not one vile heathen be able to set light on one without pledging allegiance to Thy Flag!

Hail! Hail! Hail!





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3 Antworten zu “Absolute American Freedom: Hail Obama!”

  1. Dude sagt:


    Have fun.. ;)

  2. Magnus Wolf Göller sagt:

    @ Dude

    My meekest, humblest gratitude, brother, for thus hallowing the Holy Book of Our Saviour!

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