Fuck off, Mr President!

Fuck off, Mr Peace Nobel Murderer Liar President Barack Hussein Obama!

I do herewith solemnly declare that You are a persona maxima non grata on the soil of my Fatherland.

We have, yes we have, already, unfortunately, bums, rabble, thugs, traitors, warmongers, conspirationists, befoulers, cranks, craven flunkeydom and utmost dire man-hating dustjacks and mental debris enough here without Your presence.

It is absolutely unnecessary, thus, that You enrich their insaneness and baseness any further.

You are corrupt beyond what man can normally behold in its dimension und so understand: Fuck off!

You are nothing but a vile hired killer. Grinning, doing Your abysmal job. A teleprompting homicidal shill.


Not one honest person needs You here.

Not any one honest person needs You anywhere.

Go fuck the swine that got You to be what You are!


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7 Antworten zu “Fuck off, Mr President!”

  1. Thomas sagt:

    Guantanamo seems to be crying out for you now… ;) Better stay awake the nights and watch out for drones. Mr. BHO is coming to get you.

  2. Magnus Wolf Göller sagt:

    @ Thomas

    ‘ey may be fuckin’ able to drone and bomb all Stuttgart down, but ‘ey ain’t fuckin’ gonna be able to get me fuckin’ word off ‘e planet.

  3. Thomas sagt:

    Seems, you are a bit too fuckin´ into volgar language at the moment. Better try to solve this, your personal volgar-problem and switch to a nettique and obscured style of the english language, so you could become Germany´s next president: Lying to people all the day, without saying anything spectacular all long the term of office. That´s the qualification – the only one – you will need to get this reached.

  4. Magnus Wolf Göller sagt:

    @ Thomas

    I’m lovin’ yer stylo ‘n yer gramar. ‘ey darn proof ‘at me readers are a hole fuckin’ bunch of lingo experts.

  5. Thomas sagt:

    So letz start fränkisch Englisch, viel better ausgefuxxt de grammar:

    When you go me on the Nerven, I put you in the Gulli, do the Deckel druff and you never will come back to the Tageslicht.

    Du beast nicht zufällig inter Gegend? Wir haben this Wochenende libertarian Grillparty by meer.

  6. Magnus Wolf Göller sagt:

    @ Thomas

    Mai Fränglish is onli medium so sat I mast anser in Schwenglisch. Ohfortunatly I schäll not be bai de Anderfranks sis wiekend. Sanks äniwegs for de invitatio. En se sammer (August) I will probablie be up sehr. I will give Yu a gell befor.

  7. Dude sagt:

    @Thomas & Magnus



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