Also spake Zarathustra

The Seven Seals.

(Or: the Yea- and Amen-Song.)


If a soothsayer I am and full of yon soothsayerish ghost, that wandereth on high an yoke atween two seas, -

atween foregone and futurous wandereth as grave a cloud, -

foe to sultry lows and all, that weary is and cannot starve nor live:

aready for the blitz in dark a bosom and the loosening beam of light for, gravid of blitzes that Yea! say, Yea! laugh, for soothsayerish beams of blitzes: -

- but seely is the also gravid! And, verily, long must as a grave weather hang at the mount, who once the light of the future shall tind! -

oh how should I not be ruttish aft Eternity and aft the high-timely Ring of Rings, the Ring of Come-Again!

N’er yet found I the wife, from whom I children wanted, be then this wife it, that I love: for I love thee, oh Eternity!

For I love thee, oh Eternity!

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5 Antworten zu “Also spake Zarathustra”

  1. Thomas sagt:

    Ohje… Altenglisch…

  2. anonym sagt:

    “… the high-timely Ring of Rings, the Ring of Come-Again!”

    …The Ring of Fire, formed by that Violet Flame…

  3. Magnus Wolf Göller sagt:

    @ anonym

    “The Ring of Fire, formed by that Violet Flame”?

    My flame hath more than one name.

    Its colours are innumerous.

    To behold them one needeth of all things.

    Some may by their beauty be stunned.

  4. Magnus Wolf Göller sagt:

    @ Thomas

    Es ist Frühneuenglisch.

  5. Magnus Wolf Göller sagt:

    Three hundred billion gold bullion dollars

    And ye shall see yerselves in the collars

    All of it to receive

    Be it then

    That ye can

    As yet it not believe

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