Higher Consciousness

X is not Z, as is Y.

Thus, as we don’t need to know German, which is a language too complicated for logic anyway, we may surmise that even an A be as irrelevant as an X.

This easily leads us to the conclusion that the Euro is beneficiary only for greedy Germany.

Also, we thereupon may grasp that Iceland is an Island.

Doubt, no doubt, is a great gift. It helps in unimaginable ways.

But then, to overestimate it constitutes the worst of sins in science.

Its brother is deviation, its sister is disbelief.

Indulging in doubt too much is the worst of sins overall.

This has been proven time and again.

To say it in plain English: Thinking is a form of sinking.

Or: Only he who sinks thinks.

Our school be the rule.

To behave is brave.


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