Last Bilderberger Meeting 2011?

Last meeting of the Bilderbergers this year?

It seems not to be apt anymore, to gather people in some aforeknown luxury place to discuss which wars should be brought about, whom to depose or install, the whatnots of media linguistics and praise of ones own pervert universe.

Therefore, we may surmise that the Bilderberg Show is to be shut down right after this year’s last meeting.

They’re probably just trying to have this off with some – as sound people would call it – dignity.

However, the likeliness of a breakdown of a part of a traditional magic ritual of the thereabout dignitaries is a token not to be taken lightly; as they will know for sure; thus it is time to consider what comes next.

And the name then given to the new substitute should be pondered ere they have anointed it.

It is to be ahead of these people, in the very sense of the word.

What we are watching is just one thaw of one – maybe even conclusively orchestrated – flaw.

I bet a new circus is already in the making.

As I do darn deem it is endgame for the Bilderberger Show.

It full well doesn’t make further sense to publicly import future political Bigshots to Bilderberg-Initiations, so that the plebs may all know of them in advance.

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