The Corexit Conspiracy III

I’ve ventured before that the Obama administration have been tricked into complicity on the use of Corexit by BP so that the company can blackmail them on that at will.

Anyway, not everybody in the chain of command can possibly have not seen that consequence, the toxic consequences as well; so, as Millions of lives have been and are still wilfully put at risk, what, besides the obvious advantages for BP, is really behind that?

Of course, nobody will ever be able to hold estimates of what the oil desaster would have been without Corexit as evidence against the outcome we now face; thus the perpetrators may feel legally safe at that; maybe.

And I don’t darn believe, that all this poisoning was done merely at the behest of making a few hundred million bucks with the producing company; the real stake is tens (officially) or hundreds (realistically) of billions.

Were they really so terribly afraid in Washington that the populace would see the oil, that they had to hold it out of sight even at the direst cost?

Is that the sole explanation, besides the interest of protecting petty BP, of course?

Is the US governed by maniacs?

Or are there soberly calculating people, aiming at wholly other goals through this behind all this?

It is too cruel a game to believe in craven hiding tactics as the sole force in it.

I still do not have a conclusive answer on the who and what for; maybe it’s really just maniacs and money; though I doubt it.

We must keep on asking “cui bono?”, whose benefit? – beyond the palpable ones above mentioned.

One hint, alas: A program of population reduction may, in my opinion, be marginally in it, but can not really account for it, as probably “only” thousands will die, which wouldn’t be worth the overall expense; therefore, if there be anything of extra weight behind this scam, I ween it is an extremely vile political power scheme.

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