Open Letter to The Killer

Dire Mr President,

I am a loving father of two kids, and I know of Your programs, worldwide, to have anyone killed who gets in the way of Your pervertedness and the greed of Your likewise insane masters.

I am not afraid of Your death squads, anyway.

Even now, that You have surpassed Your predecessor in murderous lust, openly piling uncharged Americans on Your list of worldwide homicide, I, that’s for sure, shall not cave in.

Nay, I am Your Teutonic nightmare.

Whereas Mr Bush was beheld as the open warmonger, who he was, You still dream of some fate to be differently judged in the end.

That dream won’t hold.

Your mismanagement of the oil disaster alone, to put it euphemistically, will stamp the seal on Your doom.

Let alone the wars in which You have young, dumb patriotic Americans fighting for Your mentor’s Brzezinski and Goldman Sachses’ causes, and their likes of shills that are with You: You’re doomed.

You deem some misled stupido multitude will help You out of this in one great thrust?

That Your AIPAC “friends” will give a darn damn for Your arse in the end?

Or even intelligent folks?

I not only doubt it, I know that all three won’t spare one fart, no matter who of them wins or loses out in whatever way.

If I were You, I would try to get very sick very publicly very soon.

This shouldn’t be too difficult a task, as You obviously already are.

Rest wishes from Germany


A gusher of greetings

Magnus Wolf Göller

Sheepsgate 1

97762 Ramsburg

— Anzeigen —

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2 Antworten zu “Open Letter to The Killer”

  1. Dude sagt:

    Glaubst Du der Empfänger dieses herzlichen Liebesbriefs hat diesen auch gelesen? Ich bezweifel’s leider…

  2. Magnus Wolf Göller sagt:

    @ Dude

    Ich setze da ganz auf die morphische Feldstärke.

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