The Corexit Conspiracy

As I have pointed out earlier in German (“US-Regierung & BP: Im Corexit-Komplott?”) – American media productions have by now come up on this as well – the massive use of Corexit as a highly toxic oil-dispersant is likely due to a joint cabal of the EPA, US-Government, and BP, as some say to even more poison the Gulf of Mexico, but certainly to keep things out of sight, that means, underwater.

We still have no real idea about how much oil has leaked; less toxic and more efficient real cleansing materials, even organic ones, have been developed, though not used; some say, Corexit makes its way into rainfall, at a toxicity of 2.6 ppm one nice refreshing evening shower to take.

Then there is benzene in large quantities. That stuff makes sick and tired and impotent and cancer. Your liver and kidneys will enjoy it.

Hay has been brought forth by Jeff Rense, also see here – as a solution for gathering surfaced oil as a fibrous slick; I think the idea is excellent; but then, where to get that much hay, losing beef and milk products thereby?

Straw has come to my friend’s Rainer Grzybowski, Stuttgart, and my minds, as being way cheaper and from July on through August available in enormous quantities in the American wheat and corn belt; but it should be engineered in a way of mechanically making some kind of fibrous wool, or a granulate, or diagonally cut and ground piecelets for sucking up instead of reaping slick in.

We urge inventors, technicians, engineers to test procedures FAST, because straw could be the material cheap, organic, easily available, oil-binding, so that the gathered slick could even, as the benzene is gone, be a useful good.

Anyway, the Corexit Conspiracy seems to be at work; nevertheless despair won’t help: Every positive effort has to be made no matter when we will be able to stop the crazies.

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