The Overall Fake And Fraud

Obama is an overall fake.

He is not even black, though almost everyone says him to be.

He has not recognized the Armenian genocide as he promised to do.

He has not dismantled Guantanamo as he promised to do.

He has not disclosed material about American torturers as he promised to do.

He doesn’t prosecute them.

He doesn’t bring American troops home from Iraq as he promised to do.

He does expand war in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

He keeps the Patriot Act untouched.

He doesn’t stop Israeli settlements.

He has his troops shooting depleted uranium all over the place.

He has his troops bombing villages and marriage celebrations even more than before.

He has made the vilest, most criminal general of the whole pack commander for Afghanistan.

He rides a deficit that is beyond everything.

He doesn’t care about health insurance for poor Americans.

He doesn’t give a damn shit on how many more families live in tent cities every month.

His Secretary of the Treasury is one of the corrupt Wallstreet-quacks that brought about the financial mess in the first place.

He is a complete hypocrite.

He stands for “Change” indeed: He lies way more than that moron Bush was intellectually able to.

I wouldn’t let this man take care of one single nickel for a second.

He is dangerous.

He is an overall fraud.

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