Bilderbergers on Therapy – Shortcut

The Bilderbergers now being together near Athens, Greece, have they never thought about the possibility to get themselves into a mental asylum there?

What if the people just didn’t let them out of their brothel again and held them there, stopping the shipping of whores, champagne and the rest of their commodities?

What if this came to be their penitentiary, instead of their funhouse – oh yeah, I guess they have a lot of work to do there – , just having them fixed in the place?

They would start to first rant, then look for the guilty ones who got them into this situation, and then fight each other.

We would be just watching the game, shipping enough bread and water and onions and salted fish in.

After a relatively short while, they would start to trade in their secrets.

No Guantanamo needed, just a nice Greek hotel with frugal conditions and no seen end to these.

They’d come home with any needed information earlier than all the terrorists they first put up themselves.

This would be a real shortcut for mankind.

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