No Mercy

“Barack Obama is the greatest fraud in American History.”

I don’t know where I read this, but it must have been somewhere.

Oh, right, it was in a paper that hadn’t asked Henry Kissinger or even Zbginiev Brzezinski for editing, and it wasn’t published but for me.

I like that kind of papers. To be the only one reader of a paper makes one feeling sort of elite.

And that does any one little guy a lot of good.

Besides, knowing about the haplessness of an American president, who was sought out to bring down both Russia and China in one swing on a debtor budget, just printing money to staff his cronies, supplies me with the boon of a hearty laugh.

Bush may have grinned his way through to the end, not being rightfully prosecuted by his successor for ordering slaughter and torture, but it is not unlikely that Obama will fall into his tomb.

Grinning and an eloquence that’s easily more than that of Bush and Cheney won’t hold, Mr Obama.

You’ve inherited their shit, and History won’t give you mercy on that.

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