Merkel II

Merkel, about whom I only recently wrote a not very flattering article here concerning her opportunistic mindset, seems now suddenly to have become a bravely dangerous “Anti-New-Deal” German trickster, putting up a bulwark against the further global spending spree Obama and Brown had set as their agenda for the G-20 summit, or so at least some irate Anglo-Saxons say.

Others have started to glorify her as the Sane One, the politician who stands at the forefront of the sensible fight of survival against hyperspending, thus hyperinflation.

Although the similar views of the French and Spanish and other Continental European sides were rather downplayed, I’m really surprised.

Is it only the game to make her feel being the Bad German to make her back down, or is there something real in it, of her organizing things the way Americans don’t want them to be?

An almost breathtaking perspective for a fellow citizen of hers; almost unbelieveable. About everyone here should surmise that she have found a superior calling to the one of Our Saviour Obama.

I’m looking forward to seeing the real outcome.

If she stands her ground in this she has my appraisal, for whatever reasons she does.

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