Paul Krugman says in the New York Times that Obama doesn’t get it. That he just tries to go back to where we were 2-3 years ago, with minor modifications for the financial markets. That he tries to reinstall all of the same that led us into this mess.

Now, Krugman isn’t my guru; but he shows at least that not even within the establishment things are seen as rightly done unanimously. Krugman even asks why people should be allowed, even endorsed, to make money out of the taxpayer’s burden.

What he really wants, though, Krugman doesn’t say. That’s probably the reason why he is still paid by the NYT.

I would like to read word from you of your alternatives, Mr Nobel Prize Winner!

Otherwise, I will stick to what I’ve said here before, Mr Professor.

Sincerely Yours

Magnus Wolf Göller

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