A.I.G.: America’s Incompetent Government

A.I.G managers are now fearing for their lives. The super-sly of Wallstreet are getting afraid to be hunted down in their very glitzy homes, the ones they “earned” by cashing in on building the housing credit crisis.

Of course, Americans aren’t Frenchmen; we don’t see burning shops, as yet. Anyway, civil unrest is on the rise, as even many of yesterday’s middle class families now live  in cars and tents, and Obama may become the most unfortunate poor sinner who has ever taken the White House as a grinner.

And many Republicans seem not to care if the country goes down if only Obama is washed down together with it. Afghanistan is a mess and Palestine is and Iran won’t give him honey, and Geithner seems to have been almost as much of a Street swampflower as his Goldman predecessor, Hank Paulson.

Now, Goldman really is a miraculous bank, it gets at least relatively fatter with every new disaster, be it Lehman or A.I.G. I wonder if there is more behind this than just the machinations of Paulson and his people.

Of course, conspiracy theories are useless here, as we financial underlings aren’t told really that much about how the game is actually played, reading of millions, billions, even trillions handed out from nowhere to somewhere somehow; maybe Goldman is just the nimblest company in it, merely employing the most cunning thieves of them all.

Thus most intellectuals are stupefied, most ordinary people nearly petrified by all the magic numbers – mostly more zeros – they are fed by the Fed and the other money wizards swarming above their heads on broomsticks that might be matches.

At least the show is way more thrilling than movies like Matrix and the like to watch. The Street has surpassed Hollywood in horror film production by zillions of darkyears.

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