One Trillion

The FED has brought in another trillion Dollars.  Billions have gone down to be of little importance, peanuts in Hinter-Africa,  the stuff one feeds little despots and smaller black operations with. Noone really dares ask where this fairy tale Trillionkin comes from. It’s just kind of there, folks.

To invent a trillion Dollars to buy worthless crap is the idea of the greatest chutzpah I have ever beheld. The jackal eats his own bowels and seems to be alive and well.  If trillions don’t work, there will be quadrillions put up on the screens, so where’s the prob, Bob – ehm, Ben.

You know it very well, Ben, as anyone of even mediocre understanding does. You are creating big time inflation to kill off debt: It’s not more nor less than that. You are even so foresightful to let the helicopter stay put; why waste paper all across the country, when computer digits do it? Be your second name, Shalom, the guideline for the Dollar: May he rest in peace.

What plans you have for The Day After I do not know; but historical experience makes it probable that they want war. Desperately.

You may get it. But I am not so sure if you will be able to direct it. The wrath of the people may well find its way against your lot.

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