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The growth of the new center

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Meanwhile, the allusurpatorische Globalistengesindel actually has a serious problem. More and more are left - to put it simply - nationally, so right, and more and more rights internationally, so the left.

The center, those pseudo-liberal, pampered by the globalists center, thins out not only continues; it even threatening their loss of status, that it is seen more widespread because already, as rückstandig, marginal, and that no matter how much the sheep media praise their alleged rationality every day.

Increasingly, we see libertarians, real conservatives, socialists, patriots, real human, Christian, Nietzschean, the Deibel knows what traditionally hardly converged on common platforms, canvassing, such as the Hydra could be overthrown.

The sides of any allegations of Systemmmedien, we care because a better, more just monetary and economic order Aiming, Nazi ideology dream, International Socialist spinning, at best, somewhat mentally underprivileged, grab more and more into the void. We know this is always the same Drool resist anyone who even dares to think public mind that how privatized from the prevailing total Finanzschakalerei in the global gains favor less losses on the back of all socialized, is to liberate. More and more people can no longer impress considerably from this obviously orchestrated controlled agitation.

Thus, the new center is growing daily. And the old one is always senile, ridiculous, fackt in their idiocy, senile eyes rolling, its economic policy to the walker own end Sliding visible constantly declining. (more ...)

Freedom of expression guaranteed grenades default

Saturday 06 April 2013

It has, by the taught us in school with freedom of expression, made a serious mistake.

Many students namely, even the lernfaulsten who likes to hear, this principle found objectionable in any way.

Later, the Helleren but had to find among them, that what they learned at school as most well-liked, even then it was a lie.

How much more today because there are not only language and speech bans at dizzying speed, but also their de facto commandments.

Idle to run examples here, because every free spirit knows enough of it.

The phenomenon concerns but certainly not only us, the UN enemy state. (more ...)

Of those, and of these bloggers

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Literary seen a zero, as an essayist just mediocre, sloppy craftsmanship as the sow, but hits like Bolle: You will have already noticed that I just do not talk to me.

But by a large Blogger. (I do not mean the Augstein Junior.)

He is not stupid; he is quite knowledgeable; it is prudent; he knows what he is guilty of the Abrahamites tribute.

I know another (which I'm not), which can be incomparably better, bolder, not a day pass, when he does not put his finger into the wounds for years, consistently, with probably no one tenth readership of the other.

The latter remains bloggers (in contradistinction to me) is always at its core themes, as well as the former; He is technically very carefully, as opposed to that; he writes well understood as that also, if one reads the sloppiness in his lyrics: Why, then, has the one apart from the fact that he has a better-positioned platform, as measured by the one who much sharper, clearer, more pointedly, writes better, so much more success? (more ...)

Just television arrived

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Rabble, rabble, rabble, Lost, Enchanted, dissolute, ass noses; Cheaters, liars, Down Fischer, Ranzmichel; Scoundrels, cutthroats, whoremongers; Scoundrels, Hundsbrunzer, chaff baker; Lallhanseln, Laber baking, air separators, pimps and rags; Loose, priests and monkeys; Biersäurer, Stiermäurer, Sprachpanscher and shysters; Schmucks, tramps, and Schlunze Hunze; Hurkse and Murkse; Abjaucher, kidnapper, Anabaptists; Zwiebelanschimmler, bum, hemp straightener, Seckel; Valances, Spacken, juice bags, lollipops, Schietkutscher; Leeches, vultures, Rotzsammler; Nebichte, Halblebichte, weak Maten, Sandler, Sulzheimer, Anschleimer, Abhuber, manure making, Down oak, Security Soft, usurers, Witzschänder, Abhänder, Aufsprechs, Erzblöds, Nerzlöchrer, loafer, Tagdiebe, trickster, Grapscher, Dopey, swamp gene density and soup Spitter; Rübenvergifter, robbery founder, Röttel, Untköttel, dog Hetzer, gossips; -Blowing, bag slitter, Pfitzer, Ausmeirer, Seirer, statute musicians, Abtanten, Römpe, Gelömpe, Battel, Geschwattel, poisoners, soul Fischer, Nuffze, zeros, Stinkstullen, Huldheischer, Pinscher; Puhler and Suhler; Twisted, Inverted Zersülcher; Goats tip Endlitze, Gagel, Dollacke, gannets and gates; Strullbullen, Stinkochsen, barn burner, Zerhenner; Blasphemers, Lobhudler, Lällebäbbel, Lohle; Tinker, half-reader, Schulz Weser, Fricken, Frunze, Zerletzer, Entmärer; Nots, specific gravity, Ranzdichte, Brabbler and Dampfsabbler; Egel, Flegel, Haghulche, decomposers; Seichlinge, Gassgecken, Gülpe, Lolls, trolls, Driebel, Dülps, Dödel, jamb and Hampel; Hurze and Knurze; Prizzanten, mob, plebs, Endschepps. (more ...)

Karen Horn (FAZ) breaks off larvae

Monday, March 11, 2013

How anzitiert below, I recommend an article published today Article by Karen Horn on , which I also anriete upper secondary schools and university faculties corresponding to the basic reading, because it delivers what it promises in headline and opening credits:

"Libertarian paternalism
Slaveholders of the future

11.03.2013 · The libertarian paternalism knows what is good for man. He acts for the benefit of citizens and bring them to the right path. Superficially, this model develops enormous charm - in fact it is an attack on freedom.
From Karen Horn "

In all that remains to criticize the FAZ undoubtedly sharp: For some time, so even with this post, the newspaper has clear again placed at the top of the so-called "quality media" (which I'm good reasons mostly "sheep media") ,

You seem to have grasped the Lower Main, that you have to offer its readers more than politically correct Geblürb, do not go the way of Rundschau and other one. (more ...)

Syria: Allah and the NWO streams of blood

Saturday 09 March 2013

Syrian regime holds by a surprisingly long time.

At the end, but it will most likely overthrown by the support of NATO and the Gulf States jihadists.

Massive executions by the "rebels" have long been the norm. With a large bloodlust is expected.

You know exactly. It has obviously already "priced in" in the bill.

Well, rather poor: What do they want? (more ...)

Marina Weis Band: Gotz sheep media icon of pirates in the ass

Saturday 09 March 2013

In SPON me coarsest mischief is no longer surprised a long time.

So not that a young chicken (according to information so sweet that it can tell what others may not) is transfigured named Marina Weis band for "icon" of the Pirate Party, about expediency alternately as the "fucked up" existent troops again the same could be drawn.

After all, he is likely to be circumcised, it should be a penis that would be to pull out of your ass there. (In the cerebrum this conjecture will not show up in SPONlern eyes: but the root brains like it.)

That time join in the weak sense given.

That the FAZ but also join in it, can have on many doubts. (more ...)

So talk gates

Friday 08 March 2013

Quite a few are calling for more recognition and promotion of Islam, while for women and homosexuals. So talk gates.

Gabriel spanked field Hunter: "Two completely different cultures"

Monday 04 March 2013

A Turkish general will be gone off on a woman Military Police, after all, so that a military doctor to have her bruises attested as such because they whose car it was mistakenly stopped. The Turkish side denies the allegedly confirmed by several German soldiers incident in its entirety; he had never taken place.

I wonder which idiot Berlin first ever female field hunter sent into eastern Anatolia, also, which suburb idiot, there equipped with such particularly useless soldier's staff sends out to the woman to stop Turks in uniform. Perhaps even officers.

Sigmar Gabriel, the EU accession Turkey promoter par excellence, for Turkey, of course, a European country, said this: "But you must know that there meet two completely different cultures meet, too."

Oha. As the man comes because suddenly there on it? Has its political correctness Nanny about not paying attention for a moment on him? Was it a kind of "Blackout"? (more ...)

"Smallest text snippets"? What is it, Mr. Power Protection, Men's Bundestag?

Friday, March 01, 2013

"I told him that he was an asshole and he should shut up now."

The above snippet (engl. Snippet, especially Google & Co. used text snippets to the forward line on linked pages) contains 15 words. (more ...)

The United bankers rabble

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

I have said it here more than once. Now this I like to repeat often.

I will not stand between them and it did not the first to fall when the mass attaches to kill the Grand bankers rabble together with his associates and satraps and hang up.

I am advocating for years for saner and better solutions. Others also. The mob wants to hear but clearly partout not be dergestaltiges end seems almost to long for. It relies more on blind cowardly and corrupt politicians, police and military. What a bullshit. (more ...)

How many rubbish inside would have liked it?

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

I hear for over a year a radio station that not only whether seinerIn selection of music, but especially also of the other services of MörderatorInnen ago mostly very good like that. Flux-FM.

But now's, you will have guessed, about time for criticism. (more ...)

TRIPLE "Entfreundet": The Göllerlifte collapses.

Monday, February 18, 2013

"Three people unfriended you - Click here - It's Free"

The above nonsense I read up on my "dashboard" that shows me who is visiting this page.

I then research purposes, but once it clicked what was told me that it was important was working 100% correctly, a Facebook tool and it'll "Shock".

Oh dear. On my shock would then also be able to click on it still, but I made too powerful in the pants.

If my brain stem has assigned this PR exercise correctly, I should be interested to know before which Krawunzlinge Since my (or the whole of publishing?) Found times facebook moderately well and not now.

So, as it were, tough, have entfreundet from me.

(My Gohgle grade shows me that I probably do not delirious.)

Oh no! DC THREE people Wullen my Hennenseich, my goats crap, not my korsarischen Wildsauenschiet les!

Una grande Katastropha mihi tormenta! Unkredibel my torment Inger! (more ...)

From the expertise of Google

Thursday, February 14, 2013

I always feel quite assured of the experience here that even "nerds" the first hour hardly have a plan of how Google actually works.

The reason is that they do not think multilayered and are unable to read properly. They are said weakly. And think weak. Both are related logically.

Many of them think seriously, they could Google with bits & bytes, using all kinds of cheap tricks to outwit. No, Kinners, try the thousands every day: How stupid the world leader in web search is not.

I do not know how many programmers I would need your silly tricks is to further instruct the only salaried philologist, that it. And at the level where I competently, legally screened

Well, but I could only German, probably not entirely, partially also English, afford. With five hundred men, but (mine set to philologists), each perhaps, we are generous, $ 200,000 a year, the computers are always there, so flabby 100 million, almost petty cash, I would not have all but essential and also yet most of your Sottisen world under control.

Well, the programmer also still cost what are, as they have indeed learned something decent, a bit more expensive, slower as well, so we round unkleinlich to half a billion that your not as easy fooled me. I have it all, because I am the world market leader and will remain so. What else do I have to do? - Yes, admittedly, a few other things; but this is important enough that I do not covet it.

Google is undoubtedly what is rightly called a "data octopus". What, however, it should be otherwise? This however is his business. (more ...)

No presumption of innocence for Klaus Kinski

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Under the title " Kinski child Women "writes a pen on Christian about Ichweißnichtwas. I have the items that is intentionally not read by the following teaser finished:

"The actor Klaus Kinski had two daughters. The one, Pola, he abused. The other, Nastassja, he had staged by directors such as Wim Wenders as temptress. "

Again - I'm really not a fan Kinski, it was never - here is the fact surveyed, which, at least to my knowledge, has previously claimed only one person over another. And one of the most monstrous accusations that, namely, that one was conceivable sexually abused his own minor daughter for years.

It may still be credible, what Pola Kinski says, but it is - or have I missed something? - By no means proven.

But everywhere, even in the FAZ, normally a journalistic Mindesstandard adheres to benefit at least in such matters, is in the indicative, in Tatform, talked about it.

Is it possible that now simply because one is dead, he is a well-known, brutal pig was in his lifetime, he can exert no libel suit, just like that? (more ...)

From the upper terrorists Obama and what is "it" and not otherwise be

Friday 08 February 2013

Under the title " rubber-license to kill "reported the FAZ Matthias Rüb from Washington on the world's largest terrorists. Drone upper Terrorist Obama. Without, however, to say, because otherwise he did not write yes in this honorable newspaper. But still lies latent criticism in the article.

Has long been known that the Nobel Peace Prize President Obama can kill to taste the world, be it next regularly suspects masse wholly innocent men, women and children, torn and mutilated.

No terrorist group can, at least since the unexplained events on 9/11, boast of having carried so many innocent people through terrorist attacks to the afterlife, as Barack Hussein Obama.

No peer but no Angela, and certainly no Geert or Henryk says something about it. Obama is better "Change".

Said, apart from the adjective "loving", not even is quite wrong.

He is small change, change money, play money. He did not make it, so it just made Romney, Kerry, Petraeus (the latter has disqualified himself amorous unfortunately for this noble task) or else an ordered butcher gossips.

Although there is no law against it, any written, but everyone knows that this one may not say what objective, added variously by the criminals themselves: is what it is.

How like a bell shit about all the politicians, journalists, all of which some still want to belong, would be placed. And more importantly, seen by power politics, because that abmurkst a few possible enemy villains and many innocent people. This means mental control. Fair is foul, and foul is fair.

Orwell was 1984. We have departed. (more ...)

Peer hacked blog? Well ...

Thursday 07 February 2013

Now to have been hacked

The Twitter reaction of the peer bloggers, according SPON:

"Cool action! Then we can now probably sometimes loud scream CENSORSHIP. "

Well fine. Then shall now therefore also report some of censorship.

The hacker, if it were any, have these people helped hereby indirectly.

Because they can now - when the page was really hacked - bring dogs to be victims of criminal activity in the public.

The side stand - from here - under harsh criticism, content, whether any lawful is what is done there, do not cry just from me because of censorship, and now you can probably also sometimes loud CENSORSHIP.

Of course something stupid to do that. For the peer bloggers bring so yes its so far - depending on the assessment - worst embarrassment produced up on their table.

But also stupid hackers, if it were that that paralyzed the page in the best bad faith, the operators the opportunity to give to present themselves massacred as nasty.

Everything stinks. (more ...) censored solid

Tuesday 05 February 2013

You have me at overnight three first published, although critical, but each corresponding fully Netiqutte Comments on the article "Peer requires two duels - Merkel pinches" by Karl-Heinz Steinkühler wegzensiert.

In the past I asked if they could make serious issues here at all and expect an answer. The question is thus probably obsolete.

This short post is merely an urgent message to the network. I will recycle more detail, Mr. Steinkühler, Mr Steinbrück, leave it be.

If you do so democratic public relations, would only confirm my suspicion that the SPD is a Bilderberg Bill candidate was missed. (more ...)

peer stupid blog dot dot deh eh (II)

Monday 04 February 2013

I've already raised the question of whether Peer Steinbrück not only a Bilderberg Bill candidate is.

If I now his blog "I "look, which is in the same time his is not how it is made, then confirmed the suspicions expressed.

How can you get people chat up just as stupid when you think it seriously when a lot of money professionals are hired for anonymous-provided money where Steinbrück but under to others, thereby noticed plenty uncomfortable as he nor the utility of a bankrupt municipality ( Bochum) facilitated for his chatter by 25 Mille?

No, somehow I no longer believe that Steinbrück seriously to be Chancellor.

Who has those supporters who does not need more shrewd political opponents. (more ...)

peer stupid blog dot dot deh eh

Monday 04 February 2013

The peer, yes deer, deer now has a blog, with whom he has nothing to do:

There we learn that the Chancellor, cowardly and lazy, dauerndzu, parlierend with little relevant figures only white wine is drinking, not even audience knows (despite their cunning, devious government spokesman!), And ". You do not know what the future goes"

The whole embarrassing page is generously funded by anonymous entrepreneurs, but wants to have nothing directly to do with the SPD.

Under the heading "About Us" to read then, fat, Steinbrück with the love Obama comparison, the campaign praising him for that conclusion:

"Germany is on the network. Germany also has this opportunity. It's a long run. Now we start! "

I did not even know that Germany is on the network. After all, but my English is sufficient fortunately for the last two sentences. (more ...)

Jews! Lest! Think! Act!

Saturday 02 February 2013

I wish that more Jews were reading here. Jews who want their people survived. I'm here just once again sets out what is present.

Although I am known, no great friend of Israel in the sense of occupation policy, which continued land theft. And the Mosaic faith, and the circumcision of boys, and this is easy to find, on several occasions, I think also expressed times very least, not much.

But I am therefore no enemy of the Jews. Just as Muslim enemy, enemy of Christians or Hindu enemy.

In addition, there is now something completely different. It's about the coat. To your as well as to our own.

Everyone knows (you yourself do not be shy from the well and to be blunt, I, as the effect rather rare Goy too) that you have much money, influence, especially media has power.

Do you really think that the Great Ausmorden that is being instigated manifestly contrary to the great mass of your countrymen, apparently justified by many of your highest leaders themselves, for whatever insane religious or political power ever reason, any bears?

Why you is not on? (more ...)

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