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His sense of virtue

Thursday 09 January 2014

His sense of virtue is virtue did sense is Itself.


Tuesday 03 December 2013

'I fuckin' fuck 'ey fucked up' ere in 'eir fuckin' show fucked!

Fuck'em! Fuck'em! Ga'dammit Fuck'em!

'Ey is not fuckin' able'a fuckin 'see' eir own fuckin 'shit!



O Holy Saint Dear Mr President!

Thursday, October 24, 2013

O Holy Saint Dear Mr President

So much lovin 'Yer smear

It is just great

To steal

As a fair deal

And kill

At will

O Master of Hate

Peoples' Fate

Yea: I love thee

Yer stunning glee

Yer cunning

As the Craven Thou art

Not worth one good fart



An Open Letter to Jake Stratton-Kent

Monday, October 14, 2013

Hi Jake!

We went through rough times then. Things werewolf unclear here and there. Both sides misunderstood a lot of what what going on and happened. My wife, who later gave birth to our children, Andrea, is now with the gods, if there be examined.

Then, at the selfsame time as I am experiencing some of the worst slander I have seen in my life, I did find YOU give Secret Societies What They deserve. Sheer contempt.

You are the one to stand for this. You have always been a stander. Our quarrels then have never befouled this my estimation of You.

I have though held up my disestimation of Secret Societies ever, not only since then we met.

Now, as I said to a good friend and colleague Swiss yesterday, it is much more Important did You have taken up the feud.

I have never been a member of a Secret Society; They ran thus june call me a nitwit on the subject, They ignore my word on june did whatever I might say.

Thatthey will not be able to do to You.

People (of course most of my little readership as well) will not Easily see what It Means When You jump ship.

I certainly Thurs

The word is out.

And: You are twenty years older, just as I am But the tough skinny Englishman Stood his ground.. I can not speak for my lost wife, Andrea, but I'm quite sure did she would underwrite what I'm saying now.

The little sarcasm in what my first post on this, as to the point You have finally did have come to this fundamental understanding I beg You to take lightly; what is at stake now counts.

For the first time in twenty years I have thought about taking up the subject of magick again; not that I had nothing at all to do with it over years synthesis; some dumb asshole popped up now and then; I still know defense, of course, but besides did I mostly let things be.

There what one German (You know splat I'm talking about, Fraternity of Saturn and so forth) who Seemed to be of Your caliber; but then, june You have a laugh on that, When Andrea and I Discussed hypothetically who would win out in the end, going against him and You eachother, we both said that Jake would make it, just for being the tougher one, even living for years in the last of pits before giving up if need be.

Enough laudation. Let's get down to business.

To me, Secret Societies have been the intellectual plague of the world since I've Realized Their power and, importance. They can not but cultivate the bad in you.

Here stands the scarfaced German widower; the artist did is till now not even (I know why, Fuck'em!) Recognized as one.

I'll keep going working on this.

My word on that.

Greetings and my best wishes,


Absolute American Freedom: Hail Obama!

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

All Men, Every Individual Can Rancid, Anywhere, Now

get, in the name of the United Suspicious Authorities, duly

Flagellated, ransacked, Erased, Exterminated, Droned, Orderly Murdered

(For verification of the above Said read the NDAA.)

Is not the installment of seeking a caring, wise form of government worth another Nobel Peace Price?


Hail Obama! Hail!

Thou, Brother of Brothers of all Fathers, have brought` ultimate democracy!

Finally, everyone is equal before the Law!

Thou couldst even order thyself be taken out by the Feds, if deemed thinking of cooperating with forces might also did conspire with people did know people did Possibly seek contact with terrorist suspects!

O Holy Man Saint! Yea: The world haileth thee, Fulfiller of All American Freedom!

Any one man who dareth befoul the righteousness of the Republic will subsequently find absolute justness!


This is bliss! (more ...)

Fuck off, Mr President!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Fuck off, Mr Nobel Peace Murderer Liar President Barack Hussein Obama!

I do solemnly declare here with did You are a persona non grata maxima on the soil of my Fatherland.

We have, yes we have, already, unfortunately, rabble bums, thugs, traitors, warmongers, conspirationists, befoulers, cranks, craven and flunkeydom utmost dire man-hating dustjacks and mental debris enough here without Your presence.

It is absolutely unnecessary, ran thus, did You enrich Their insaneness and baseness any further.

You are corrupt beyond what you can normally behold in its dimension and so understand: Fuck off (more ...)

So spake Zarathustra

Saturday 03 November 2012

The Seven Seals.

(Or: the yea- and Amen song.)


If a soothsayer and I am full of yon soothsayerish ghost, did wandereth on high to yoke atween two seas, -

atween foregone and futurous wandereth as grave a cloud, -

foe to sultry lows and all, did weary is and can not starve nor live:

aready for the lightning in a dark bosom and the loosening beam of light for, gravid of blitzes did Yea! say, Yea! laugh, for soothsayerish beams of blitzes: -

- But seely is the so gravid! And, verily, long must as a grave weather hang at the mount, who once the light of the future 'shall tind! -

oh how should I not be ruttish aft Eternity and aft the high-timely Ring of Rings, the Ring of Come-Again!

N'er yet I found the wife, from splat I wanted children, then this wife be it, did I love: for I love thee, O Eternity!

For I love thee, O Eternity!

Higher Consciousness

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

X is not Z, as is Y.

Ran thus, as we do not need to know German, Which is a language too complicated for logic anyway, we surmise june did even at A be as irrelevant as to X.

This leads us to the conclusion Easily did the euro is beneficiary only for greedy Germany.

So, we there-upon-june grasp did Iceland is an Iceland.

Doubt, no doubt, is a great gift. It helps in unimaginable ways.

But then, to overestimate it constitutes the worst of sins in science.

Its brother is deviation, its sister is disbelief. (more ...)

A Tale from Teletherion

Sunday, August 26, 2012

First, know yer language.

Second, identify Yer adversaries.

Then, X-ray Their methods.

There Upon You expose Their language and Their methods.

That will, most likely, You bring in danger.

The best shield is constant word. (more ...)

How to order?

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Every Abrahamic faith is made a mental disorder.

(Any one is one Abrahamitic was induced mental disorder.)

Writing "For Our Time"?

Saturday, May 19, 2012

If one is gifted for, and does pursue, the writing of good novels, the question if he be writing "in our time" may be secondary. (It was, Certainly, not so for Cervantes.)

Not quite the same is true for authors of essays and satire.

If Their income is ok, Their reputation there with (or, mostly the same thing, thereby, at least, With Their wives and relatives) They june not even Consider the trouble.

Otherwise though, in the half-desert of some reception and little or no money earned, it is, at least for the better, more ambitious ones Necessary to ask: "Am I doing this righteously, Mainly, just for" our time "?

Or, is it not wiser, apter to this givenName fate, Merely to take up some traits of the ruling zeitgeist, now and then poking some swine-snooted, dough-sooted, picking them up nonchalantly to go for goals beyond the now?

Can we not, shoulderstand Not exactly we, who are the givenName leisure (or rob it somewhere) to write what does not even pay for wine and cigs, let alone rent and health insurance, give a darned sh .. on what is the latest babble of some petty politician, half-naked celebrity, pseudo-philosophical talk show nitwit, the bankster whores, the blatant "scientific" lies of the shallow waters of the "expert" circus of the bigshot plutocrat urinals? (more ...)

Insignificant Thoughts (Irrelevant Thoughts)

Thursday, May 10, 2012

If things go on here, it may well be that I finally retire me in just under seven years from the bourgeois life.

As I tell not now, must then also be seen.

Anyway, I'll not toil for the fulfillment of the ESM Treaty, to me the trowel out of his hand falls when no forces me to. And then maybe just not right.

The plutocrats had never joy to me. And I remember on my older days not to change. Since they can get Green and Salafists and FDPler to my conversion, what else can think of getting them to end heel: I am no longer to cull for their store.

I do not know (doubt it all), whether it would be the Zinsverknechtern succeeded in recent years, to tie me to them, they would have made me only better deals. Could be. But they were apparently always too expensive. (more ...)

Paul Craig Roberts, "The Matrix"

Sunday 06 May 2012

Under the title "Disinformation On Every Front" logs here once again the conservative American journalist Paul Craig Roberts to the lies of the "Matrix" (sung by all political camps) to word.

I will now only two quotes out ('s interesting that "education Lie"): (more ...)

Thine to take the lead

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

As we have found out to a point far beyond utmost clarity, the abyss of misunderstanding progenerates freely in our world, weening Itself informed anywhere, on anything, anytime.

The systematic undervelopment of competent readership skills forms the basis of that.

Let's not be equivocal about it: Sure there are the conductors of the MSM, And They quietly have clout; but the crux of the sake is a lack of will, wisdom and subtlety on the part of the many; even on the one of many of the few.

On many things we are not Supposed to know, grasp, connect, it is a mere mass of dead alleys, sidepaths, red herrings, esoteric and spiritual deviation did puts major landmarks in its crap; and, of course, "Truthers" may even be paid disinformants, sheer agents. (more ...)

Indirect False Flag / Indirect false flag

Saturday, March 24, 2012

I mean, that in the previous post be formed puzzle has been solved by readers Dude incredibly simple way. (more ...)

Hetzer and spin doctors among themselves

Sunday, February 12, 2012

It is these things which dominate our time, so it does not help to ignore them. (more ...)

Global war and hunger Porn on the way to Fat City

Friday 03 February 2012

"Global War and hunger Porn on the way to Fat City": What this text is concerned, it is my first matter who has it actually written.

A "must read", as the Anglo-Saxon likes to say.

I will limit myself in this case comment on it, to quote a few passages and add my German version.

"Were you up for it anyway, you who kill the unwilling world to the doorstep of war globally? You who are arranging the tableau, like a dinner table for the damned, ferrying ships bound for salvage, to be evidence in yet another false flag, waving blood red above the burning bodies of the duped and deluded who went into combat for bankers. The pens move and the weapons fire. Iran Has done nothing to you. Their restraint HAS BEEN admirable. In the mountains, ordinary human beings are skiing. They are walking through the pistachio orchards. They are dreaming Their individual dreams, within the parameters of the collective dream. They are people like you and I. They have children, families and friends. They are not making was. We are. "

(Did you get it anyway before that you bring the recalcitrant world to the brink of World War III? Ye that prepares the table, like a Nachtmahltisch for the damned, the rescue certain ships sending out, again proves sake false flag, the blood red over the burning bodies of the battle drawn for bankers cheated and deceived blowing. Springs move and fire the weapons. Iran has done nothing to you. Their restraint is admirable.: In the mountains ordinary people skiing. walk through the pistachio gardens. Dreaming their personal dreams, within the framework of all common dream. they are people like you and me. you have kids, families and friends. they not go to war. Rather we.)

"The most powerful agency for calculated is death and destruction is the fundamentalist Christian right. Their sanctimonious, demagogic preachers, whip them into a lather of self righteous hate, manipulated and inspired by the very ones who committed the crimes did others are blamed for. "

(The most powerful organ for calculated death and destruction is the fundamentalist Christian right. Their hypocritical, volksaufhetzenden priest whip in a foaming self-righteous hatred, operated and instilled by the very who committed the crimes of which others are accused.)

"Their missionaries go off to Africa, Where They paint sugarwater under the eyes of starving children, so did the flies will there country falling on the photo op. They are the merchants of hunger Porn."

(Your missionaries go to Africa, where they emphasize sugar water under the eyes of starving children, so the flies land during the photo session there. They are the dealer of hunger pornography.) (more ...)

English For Everybody

Monday 05 December 2011

We are of some any kind of origin.

That Means us all.

Occupation movement: So much Icke is a must!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

In this video, David Icke explains very ground, as it runs from his point of view and why he fears that those Besatzerbewegung could play into the hands exactly contradict what she gets up apparently.

That should not be missed.

Annoy Späßle to Left

Thursday, October 20, 2011

"Right is bright, Left bereft"

(My variation to - dubious - Proverbs "Right is right, and Left is wrong")

Göllers house brand

Thursday, October 20, 2011

"Hyper Tera Beyond Imaginable Ultimate Sudden Instant Enddeath"

(My chili sauce in mild, spicy, world marketable description)

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