From the transformation now

The transformation is noticeable.

The lies of "the West", "the international community", "The Europeans", "the world community" are exactly those increasingly believed that one needs to maintain the same essential.

There are those "petty bourgeois" as they now have cynically-jokingly called himself, which at least still grudging assent to the system critically important.

In short, a large part of the thinking power carrier fails not only audible but turns off.

Man has learned powerful.

Meanwhile, there are complaints overwhelmingly no longer on the corporate media units, any censorship practices: It mocks.

The media mind control is Defunkt.

The warmongering is exposed.

The last two years have brought the breakthrough.

Each day, the glaring discrepancy between published opinion and the opinion of the majority of obvious.

The Gezuck and fidgeting those whose order to cover up this is getting pathetic.

It is like a dragons who finally meandered to hot sun, no longer finding prey, to an end in him self.

You try the latest forms of suggestion.

Which are Dreie.

First: Everything would collapse, they tried it differently.

Second: You're as good as alone, we get you any time, you're nothing.

Third: To people like us are pisser like you never get closer, your peers are never approached us, so forget prefer.

Well, then we'll go the three "arguments" times through.

It would break your only all together. So only the all too few. All of my ever would break anything together. At most, I also geriete in a temporary, maybe my life be tasted adversity. The rest is a lie.

Point two: You can contact me though - yet - get anytime, but I'm not alone. And it did, I would not Nothing. Two more lies.

Thirdly, we pisser do not want to get to it. We want you namely not be even close to equal. Yet impudent lie.

Your lies are now under miserable not only in front of me.

Since nothing else you can think of more, you want this more and more war and chaos.

Supposes, so you could exculpate you still.

To see astray, slaves to their own madness so look out.

With me, with all other "petty bourgeois", your drives every penny of penalty mercilessly, let you otherwise, even all the more relevant perversion of all things, rinse billion in fraud coffers, so to continue to operate your Entmenschlichungsmechanismen.

You live by lies, terror, misery, war.

No thinking person could Direction is you weighed more.

Break your promise of salvation.

You have not managed to besatzen all terms as wrong as it your mission.

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6 Responses to "From Transition Now"

  1. @ Magnus

    Class of Product - I just hope the majority of people in Germany, the downtrodden (goyim), see it really as you write it.

    "At most, I also geriete in a temporary, maybe my life be tasted adversity."

    Revenge of the oppressed will be even terrible. For anyone who has nothing to lose who fears neither death nor devil, nor the state power behind the most vicious, perverse Saubande is that the universe has ever seen. But whose time has almost expired. And they also know that they have lost.

    Take care Magnus, we see ourselves as the air back in, again potable water without concern that food again destroyed food and all the riff-raff or is in chains.


  2. Magnus Wolf Goller says:

    @ Rainbow Serpent

    You are me, in all variations, has long been a friend.

  3. Anonymous says:

    @ Magnus

    It would be nice, but it is not so!

    It is true that in the Bloggs German newspapers diametrically opposite view to what publish the paid newspaper writers, is expressed. We can be sure that every "toe the party line" comment is waved through by the censorship alone there are almost none that have the censors write it myself.

    The two former SPD chancellor will fit seamlessly into the series of these critics and Mrs Merkel will probably not versteigen to them to have no idea of ​​politics to certify. Where Schmidt has just operated in its Federal-time the same submissive America policy as Mrs Merkel and emancipated them until today.

    All this may be true for the intellectual Germany, the silent majority and to just include Bild newspaper reader, sees things differently, "Mutti" Merkel still enjoys the greatest popularity and approval.

    Before the election could have been inferred from the published Zeitungsbloggs that would AfD available between 10 and 30%, in deed and in truth it does not even have enough for 5%.

    Germany, Inc. is economically driven at full tilt against the wall and the ground takes it. The few who have more money, are too few to even the disappearance of the business to be able to stay for "upscale" consumption.

    I am the last six months have been two times in a restaurant, which is located almost in sight of the factory gate of the largest chemical factory in Germany. 20 years ago there was hardly a place to get hold of as the very well-paid yuppies of the chemical industry every night had a rendezvous. Meanwhile, the store is rebuilt and "chic" has become, the quality of the food to be very good, prices moderate and there is yawning emptiness, as if it were a contagious disease had broken out of which only I know nothing. Clearly, for the mass of the academic staff (after all, some 10 000) even have to go out to eat once a year with colleagues, no longer there!

    The economic downward spiral continues picks up speed and the mass of Michel wants to sleep above all on, except that you have deselected the Agenda 2010 Regissuere, nothing happened and nothing happens.

  4. Magnus Wolf Goller says:

    @ Anonymous

    Well, at least it comes with the censor hardly keep up.

    AfD out AfD ago (I've always thought of the store never much): It has built up a remarkable counter-public.

    Of course, I understand your pessimism nevertheless.

  5. Anonymous says:

    @ Magnus

    To say it with Thilo Sarrazin, I have the feeling that the AfD is itself "Cancel" on

    Since you are stressing his Islamophobic, I do not think the new voter brings, but maybe a couple of Islam believers who are German citizens now and worry about your pensions, scared.

    Since you are stressing his homophobic, I do not think the new voter brings, but maybe a few gay men who were able to "warm up" for the theses of the AfD on economic policy, scared.

    Then you look Calvinist evangelicals what any new voters brings gave it and have been around splinter parties, for both Catholics and Lutherans feel scared away + even liberals (atheists anyway) cringe at the thought that at the end of school should not have to be told who Darwin was and what his ideas are similar in some places in the United States.

    Then the Parteifunktionärin Beatrix von Storch, with rumors of financial irregularities up to personal bankruptcy (I do not know what it hand and foot, and is true), is not just an advertising poster child for economic competence.

    Then what GERMAN can not stand for death, party-internal dispute and it provides the AfD in masses and volumes (instead of the auszuXen quietly behind the scenes).

    You know, I live in Switzerland and did not use-elected, although I would have been allowed, but that was too much for me Tütelkram. For me, the AFD would have been a possibility worth considering on September 22, today certainly no more.

    Obviously, I am not only so that sponsors such as Henkel & Co have now ceased from my sight ...

    I can not imagine where an increase in votes for AfD is to come in the European elections me.

  6. Anonymous says:

    @ Magnus

    Quote: Well, at least it comes with the censor hardly keep up.

    Since establishing oneself as no head drum. What runs after 22.00 clock or during a lunch break or when one of the censors must exit times, simply grosszügigst deleted unread. The bloggers know the procedure and save the text somewhere and post the multi-lag, so that when the were only dilatory that appears multiple times.

    In the world there are apparently several censors in a row, the second or third censor one identified as NON-Linientreu post later or delete any that has come through the censorship. This leads to the bizarre situation that comments on a post persist, while the stumbling stone was removed.

    The "Voice of Russia there are" so what "not, as each post appears only once, as it was written, no idea what happens if someone would write:" Putin's an asshole, "whether that would then subsequently deleted! would appear only once like that. (For a cancellation I would understand, first time information NULL value, then the breach against any netiquette). Only this more or less government mouthpiece Russia is compared with our regimented press incredibly liberal!

    I think Putin is on the right track, it can be either in Russian interest that russia industry at the end belongs abroad, yet some extremely super wealthy Russian oligarchs, even if the way this "revision" was not something fishy, ​​the coming together of these incredible huge fortune it was most certainly not.

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