Once again Willi from Berlin ...

Just called me at Willi from Berlin.

How exactly did he actually myself do not know why.

He had pressured speech but still.

And finally, he knew it.

Or I zuwenigst.

It was, what else, at the end of it, beyond that my District service to be desired could.

The Middle Neckar region'm already come under closer scrutiny.

It went in the capital already various conspiracy theories regarding a instigated not only by me, but even led Swabian thinkers conspiracy.

Unfortunately, there is now times pertinent clues that are not easily dismissed.

He had used every effort for me, but unfortunately did not help much.

At least one, albeit implausible self-humiliation, my hand was so calm tempers, indispensable.

Otherwise I as Tripel7 agent is no longer tenable. (We Tripel7 Agent may, as particularly qualified to say sometimes the truth comes close to things. Makes our special camouflage from.)

Now I had gone too far in it. You already suspect me of being a Tripel8 agent. So from those who sought our proven program to infiltrate for years and to exploit for themselves.

Since I was first floored. I had not thought of that one, Willi did, I could quickly come to the ropes.

So I first said, "Willi, you have your new airport is still not known about water. What can I ensure that I am not a new Joschka Fischer, not beating up your bulls? "

That brought him up to speed.

"Magnus, you're not just a giant asshole, but an even bigger cattle. You think that you can allow yourself in your little Swabia temple everything? "

The thing went well. I realized that he just waved me should sound out only.

"But no, Willi, I'm really just worried about you in the capital."

"Why? What do you mean? "

"Well, you can hear so many here, between Daimler and Bosch."

"Out with it!"

"Yeah, well, how should I say this ..."

"WHAT ???"

"Well, there are rumors of Tripel9 agents that have taken root in you. Once dropped, as I recall, even your name. "

"WHAT ???"

"Well, I do not know how many names you have cousins ​​in the service."

"WHO told something?"

"Well, what do I want, even the Aufgeweckteren of the temporary workers already tell it. The real Berlin is more than half futility away from the people here. Some otherwise perfectly normal and respectable people consider you practically there already above for UFOs. "

Break. Unregulated breathing.

"Magnus, we still talk. Carry only no shit! "

"Willi, you know me, I did never do."

Snorting Willi put on.

Now I should have my rest for two weeks.

As long as they do not normally need at least.

Actually, it runs the same.

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7 Responses to "Once again Willi from Berlin ..."

  1. Woodcut says:

    Wassss, the Goeller should be an agent provocateur? A cheaper agent provocateur? The Stuttgart as a thinker per se! Who's coming on as a narrow boards? So seeing that the sun rises in the west rather than the Magnus Wolf Goeller for any supervisor to work! Outrageous!

  2. Pied Piper says:

    Interesting theory you suggest here. A conspiracy thinkers, mmmmh? Interestingly, as I said. Could you give the thinker? Or do you think about yourself and the other spinners as the rumsäuseln here? A kind of political fools freedom you already seem to enjoy ... but.

  3. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    Pied Piper @

    "He who pays the piper calls the tune."

    Noted so unfortunately each of the spinners here that you are on my motorway service areas-black money list.

    So why not drumrumschwafeln.

    Welcome to the club!

  4. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    Pied Piper @

    I forgot to even respond to your question about the name.

    Besides me, all conspire under cover name as you, too.

    The Antikonspiranten although sometimes not all sleep, but.

  5. Pied Piper says:

    Then I understand correctly that the "conspiracy" is directed by you and sharing your readership?

  6. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    Pied Piper @

    You probably understand quite right. Anyway, what the first part arrives. Namely, that I run the open conspiracy.
    Whether I doing besides myself really still derive one or two, but I do not know to say, but I prescribe me a pertinent assumption quite happy.
    To me it is quite all right if I do not know all my co-conspirators; not only that which makes the game more interesting, it also makes it more relaxed, because you have to not listen even individually each sub-conspirators Blödel.
    So you can play free.
    So people come, quite innocently, into the boat.
    And they like to book an entire harbor cruise.
    Above all, I suppose, too, and just express yourself with Nichtmitverschwörer, encourage them still in their counterclaim words, they exhort, contradictory never subside!
    I'm just waiting on the overdue kingdom price.

  7. Pied Piper says:

    Mr. Goeller, parole d'honneur! These contradictions I can not unite, and if I had studied even the logic together with the Cogito, ergo sum Descartes in!

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