What I could not say anything ...

I do not know how it is, as a state school teacher, with three months paid leave per year, continued pay in case of illness, paid health insurance for the whole family, pension rights, where appropriate, a disability pension to work. Moreover, the power of grading, no matter how professionally and socially incompetent, the possibility of not having to fight a bad mood by all means, at any time to let on that you have a today. And with tenure, at any perquisites, as long as you do not slaps student molested, secretes too radical ideas.

That sounds almost as if I were a private tutor, always in uncertainty, in principle socially irrelevant, envious, and sometimes I am too.

On the other hand: My literary activity alswie she be found here, I would have never been able to afford as verbeamteter teachers.

Even just to say that I around 9.11 not follow the official mischief, would bring me quickly in heavy water.

How much less I would be allowed to write runes, about Aleister Crowley, Islam Critical, by the Bilderbergers (already, as it officially did not exist, the claim that they exist, as a "conspiracy theory" was), Skull & Bones, Goethe and Lessing ekler Masonic ideology, the plans of Albert Pike, even from the planned destruction of the white race in Europe.

From the Brzezinski Doctrine, by breaking the Lisbon Treaties, of the conformist sheep media, the occupation status of the FRG, which, as somehow Germany, at the same time UN-enemy state, from the questionable number of victims of the bombing of Dresden, the (significant) parts of the Zionist German Pseudo rights, Genderasterei, the Old Testament as a book of obscurantist terror, the men discrimination (if the men are not Muslims or Jews or whatever noble, so at least dark-skinned), the Lazarus Syndrome, the arson of the Nobel Peace Prize Obama, the first black U.S. Chairmen with white mother, the constant, insane Nazi comparisons, the climate hoax, the possibility of massive negative influence Alien, the fact that Germany not only has no peace treaty, but also - according to the Basic Law itself - no makeup, herewith the Protection of the Constitution as the Constitutional Court absurd even by the designation ago, probably not from a due, radically altering drugs policy, chemtrails, a manifestly covered by the highest circles Kinderschänderringen, MK Ultra, the psychologists Mafia, the Methylphenidatmafia, the prescribed insanity ADS, no, probably not once the fictional colonial history of German-Südschwitz would have been to tell.

And, the list now enough, certainly much more.

Left remaining would then only general human considerations may please be very general, and some linguistic and philosophical, a few aphorisms, a stripped down version of my considerations to the stratagems, recipes, observations of nature, harmless strokes seal, something literary criticism, weighing about Confucius and the teachings Osho, yes, even so a lot, but much of it also please defused very much.

And I could not even tell my students that I awakened one whose private student may do quite modest times.

No, for me it would be that, in the known freest state that it ever existed on German soil, a very high price.

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  1. Woodcut says:

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  2. Woodcut says:

    The above is actually a quote from a television professionals, so I put it in quotation marks. If in the context of "What am I not allowed to say anything would ..." make a splash. Have probably not made clear that the text is not mine. Appeared on SPON.

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