From the upcoming aristocratic revolution

It's all on the head.

In business, the bankers are the masters of the world, the work of God verrichtend by creating anything real.

When it comes to information, the world network, the administrator, distributor, Verhunzer Verzwunzer and apply those more than those who actually deliver information.

Even the semi're most electrical box fuzzy feeling, measured even on a veritable productive artist, as Hermes Trismegistus.

Whole skyscrapers full of trolls, Abschakale, Hacker: As the masters of this world.

That will not last.

In the long term infertility is after all infertile.

That one wants to nullify the copyright, rather, know designed for the sole benefit of Google and media houses and other bigwigs to the Look.

And millions of gates can be readily harnessed to the cart.


Meanwhile celebrates censorship - even and especially self-censorship, what wonderful - everywhere, not just in the notorious time, as the same time the effect naughtiest and silliest of all sheep media, Urständ. And indeed, it must be said, even in so-called "alternative media".

Censorship takes place everywhere where not even the sharpest attorney peeping around the corner.

Just the right time for those who understand herself into writing as well as to stratagems.

For the non-full body shaved blase.

If you no longer gives us the net, it gives us just a while back only on paper. This is already more durable than any electric file.

You always remember that these people need all kinds of huge power-hungry and expensive to cooling systems to somehow be able to continue, you yourself but only his head, paper and pen.

And when the going gets tough, just so nothing is recorded electronically. Up to the day that quickly prepare it all spent on a virgin electrical box, then immediately chased out of any interface from the network.

Blessed is, of course, is able to manufacture an announcement within two hours sitting.

Good for those who like such as whether preformed already carries around in his head alone.

Blessed is the Nachwuchse who understands what I say.

Bankers, United liar, loose electrical box Fritzen: Such hollow heads conduct nor the world.

By us seek to expropriate on ALL levels.

Such a thing has never held.

This time, however, it is different, the revolution will be a planetary.

And will not be proletarian, socialist, but an aristocratic circulation.

I'm with you.

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