Konstantin volunteer at Hamburger saliva

Now that we therefore had to specifically follow up on on Constantine's request, as the secretary of the magazine The saliva, Maike, settled with him, because he still recently shared one night the bed with her, it's also time to tell of his interim efforts ,

Konstantin is actually a volunteer at the saliva. For four weeks. It was not easy. He had, Deibel but also, once again is erquatschen an interview to the Old watts, about all kinds of jokes. Constantine had no idea with which he wanted to show off skills. He was then but between all the pompous adversity that he is, if he did not say that, to a certain extent at the same time as a kind of court jester and girls from the service, which can not only talk, but even also writes, yes, probably the latter is not yet good enough, why he wanted so learn it here at such a holy place better, could apply.

The matter was quickly scratched. He got a 25-hour contract with modest pay, which the former it just right, finally Constantine has always something to do, and went to work.

The only table in the canteen - where he's going good, although the food was pretty standard - on which he is not sitting, the mood among new colleagues loosen up a bit, that is, sitting at the salome always cares. She looks at him with eyes of ice only. Alas, a colleague, even his superior, asking him stupid maybe with the plastic tray still unattached, at "their" table. Constantine is caught and prepared for the worst.

Meanwhile, of course, he knows all Editorial rumors, jealousy, the jargon, the sensitivities, the operation, the learner, the sensationalism, the whole vanity fair. Sometimes Maike should not only icy, but even grim look.

After Constantine with small messenger services, coffee fetching and small research, sometimes also deals a text review, word got around quickly that Constantine can provide both orally over a fine feeling for the language, but very accurate, yes knew himself to proofread soulful, so that happened, what was inevitable, namely, that not only secretaries, but also seasoned editors increasingly started to like him. The situation is precarious as ever. If Maike bursts, it's all over.

It goes to a lunch break. Constantine knows he like as if compelled must reach May's table before the disaster steuermannslos simply takes its course. He must but do so skillfully that he surprisingly exactly meets their sense of humor, or so that it Deibel but also alswie not planned for her looks, she is in any case its not probable.

A colleague always sitting with her at the table, and he makes her powerful advances. A higher animal in the economics department. If I ansandele to, so that next time he invites me to the table, Maike rotates through. It can not go. I need a fine list. If I'm sitting at the next table that no longer falls on a long time, I have at any time as a matter of course. I can not speak to himself, excluded. He must speak to me, I respond so that he asks them what they think of it, maybe a total of this odd new bird? - Yes, that's it, so it is one made.

So, I find out on what he particularly sensitive in his Wirtschaftsdöns, tear at the right time a few obscenities to so that it either runs or it soherum equal so insistently asks me to his table, that I can not say no, or this is at least prepared quite unsuspicious. Perhaps we should reject the invitation once even under a pretext, to only in the most innocent re-invitation, of necessity, so to say. Oh man. The night was beautiful, but now cost's.

Constantine was, in spite of the achievements, both to Maike not yet fully on the mound, as he also did not know which string is just to play the saliva. But already it was him an idea through his head. When he brought Maike to reason, so ...

He had to use a trick of seduction. While the ladies over, although friendly and would be binding, but clearly reluctant. That he was not from the other side, he had made it clear, so that from male side dräuten no sexual entanglements. He must have heard something, no, maybe better, two things that he himself does not really believe what he is but wonder, since it so much not together passe, which then quite soon debunked by himself as a forgery, the other for but even more than ever presented sound, what to finally, well, lead to anything, maybe even a great opportunity will arise.

And the mystery of his person should do the rest by making sure not to leave it too much to move or move into the center, to reinforce the puzzle in its effect.

He would have to reinforce the puzzle until he just the right time with enigmatic message or simply disappear so. So, like a Constantine disappears, namely very quickly and without a trace as announced.

Yes, a mystery Constantine was still that which puzzles or he should use.



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