I date, you're dating ...

I date, you're dating, he, she, it is dating, we data, is dating her, she dates.

Those were the days when you could still discreetly on a date data.

This went on for, by and large, to the nineties.

Each datete as it was just funny.

Meanwhile, all is over with the carefree data. It is already updated before the date stands at all. And who can guarantee you that, in case it works but, on a date not some Schmerzphon the whole number and the groans transfers directly into the net, at least those who wish to update the data for a later date?

Some say already that we should not spend so much data, because it was so obviously not smart. The date deliver themselves out. No data no data.

What dates yet you dare to date?

The data does indeed no right more fun when the whole world can know that we have a slippery date. Some date to pull out from a large part of its charm. If it goes badly, and this happens often, data Germans really even less, and we die from alswie a bee colony, the dissipated to the Antarctic.

It is up to well that one is dating without data. Somewhere in the woods, spontaneous, not a Schmerzphon it. It is dating without prior announcement, just as they come. It is dating simply to mandate. This is the height of summer, where it yonder best is dating, strong Aries children.

The thing is again earthy, with the data.


Just like that. Without any previous data detected. The Women's Room has no time herumzudaten much, Lust Lust follows.

The idea, though, initially considered in the light, genetically question would be something that might not be so bad in this respect: the decadent namely further data ewigzu and zerdaten so as well does the healthier part of the population to a righteous copulation.

All even halfway or even beyond clever simply meet without pain Phone in the woods and let's see what happens. You do not make the same Notwurfkinder yes.

Dataless data. The constitutional protection is optimally protected against themselves, as the first gets. What it itches when from time to time to turn up a tensioner.

Just plug into the forest and unverdatet abdaten!

In most wireless LAN of the planet go wild!

So that even forester dog amazed!

The call of the forest, and it is, thank goodness, great!

We honor the German forest!

This bastion of freedom and lived beauty!

But thousands of delicate glades!

Countless gentle slopes linde!

HERE You have a choice!

The woodpecker knock that little heart hopfet!

Between rocks in cool Tann, next to the daphne, in the book of the forest Decaying evening light, where pines grow in juniper and birch trees next to the blackberry: at night or on the dry meadow between stone cloves.

I forgot the Bächelein, worein to hang feet and much else in coolness. Where it Braving a little and splashes, buzzing the water and the blood moveth.

And then: a summit. Oban on the mountains. Starry Night, a moon with a yellow and pale pink aura. Fine mist below, the moisture and coolness of the night creeps. Everything remotely close.

The small grove in the fells. Just a group of trees for shade, protection and good luck in all-round view. These trees know what they wanted here. They can not say enough about it.

A mossy overhang, efeuumkränzt, the protective snap on the way to lichterem stock.

Yeah Yeah. You do not date much, but would rather go more often in the forest.

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