In America

Yes, because

Met two BWA Antifa.

The one not bomb enough

What a load of nonsense!

The other is called deceit.

Who selects one of those

Is already counted not quite

But after all, the brain lacks.

The gold men so and so

The Oberallcannern

With its Absaugscannern

If both oho.


That is democracy!

The thrived here visible!

Oh yeah!

No Bah!

Thus, because in Bäld 'the Amerikanes'

Saves him to be Chines'

Go to the polls

A two aufzuturnen.

After this there is a big party

And another bad It's the most

Allen not already Feisten

Especially since the dead rest.

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9 Responses to "Obaromnullah"

  1. Hummingbird says:

    Since I do not see through quite the electoral law, with their electors etc already, one wonders how the do it again and again, the desired candidate of the elite, always bring back to the top.
    And according to the public media, one might think, since only represent two of the candidacy, already weak for such a big country.
    Could be, too, that is manipulated only by a thought.
    I just find it funny that the Americans can only decide between a rock and a hard place, and that always the chosen one will win the election. Funny people who are at work here, something which then also call democracy.

  2. Dude says:


    Any bigwig in Washington (forgot the name, sorry) has over ten years ago, once said that it did not matter whether Bush or Gore will the new president, especially since Alan Greenspan was the Fed chairman ...

    Apart from the chief change in the Fed has not changed.

    Therefore: Who will be the next American president?
    Questions that are not the world needs.

    But the American TV sheep can have liked to use softener, as already prove only the ratings of televised debates ...

    * Yawn *

  3. Hummingbird says:


    Nice of you that you bring you, I know very well how it works with those who simply just wanted to show how this theater is sold by the media Sheep us.
    In reporting stupid, I just have to ask stupid questions, because I assume that these same pages as they are read from here Goller, of which.
    With which their websites, the internet some problems, comments swallow's not bad, but the same page with the article is then already highly questionable, it would end up in the archive, which would also still, but they are nowhere to be found then a page.

  4. Magnus Wolf Goller says:

    @ Hummingbird & Dude

    As Kerry ran against Bush, it was Skull & Bones against Skull & Bones.

    As Wulff ran against Gauck, it was Atlantic and Atlantic Bridge to Bridge.

    Next year, Merkel against Steinbrück, the piece Bilderberg is given to Bilderberg.

  5. Hummingbird says:

    Magnus Wolf Göllerlifte

    But another play would now seem desirable, always the same ..gääähn .. boring.

    This system runs like a thread through all the governments of government to the provincial government to the municipalities.
    Our strongest party here in South Tyrol was sponsored by a bank from Rome.
    Therefore, they must dance now, after Montis pipe, and do not bear the idea of ​​the Free State of South Tyrol. (Rome, they say, would never agree to) Who would Rome to ask?
    Everywhere the same game wherever you look, my satisfaction, which is that they are divided among themselves, and Vedas confronted with the fact that Rome is the world's best autonomy no longer respektiert.Monti ensure there already a great job by keeping tax dollars back accruing to the country would. The state government is thus forced to take out a loan and is thus forced into the debt trap. It's about an amount of 350 million euros.
    Thus, the municipalities of funds now be deleted in the millions.
    Something is what we call economic growth. Mei who have great ideas!
    Just a quick look at how to buy them all, and governments and whether it is the smallest have already been sold.

  6. Dude says:

    When two quarrel, would be the third, who prevails in any case, regardless of whether the former or the latter wins the election.

    Divide et Impera!

  7. Hummingbird says:


    If we could have this experience that any third party, inconspicuous, so would gain from the lowest drawer, a choice, this would be our greatest triumph of all.

  8. Dude says:


    At least it would be before a true miracle - albeit a small one.
    Actually needed the world - in fact especially its inhabitants - in the present situation, however, a great miracle ... ... this would not be necessary, and additional small triumphs ...

    This, I take it, although from not absolute, but also on the other hand think it very unlikely ...

    The signs are in my opinion. currently still at large machines that asphalting the road to hell over yet ...

  9. Hummingbird says:


    Well, too bad I do not see the whole thing again now.
    Sure give the not so simple, and it also depends very much on this choice in the US from.
    But there are still some running for the presidential office, which now depends on the people there from, their chance if they want to change something.
    Personally, I note this whole farce is no longer particularly, I look even briefly the latest messages in, otherwise I set my focus on the beauty in life, so I stay at least in a positive state.
    In addition, a number of major actions run, in a positive sense, but I do not want to dwell on these, so as not to hinder their work.
    Also, more and more people become aware of what's going on, here at least is now discussed already sometimes publicly. Of course there is the sleeping sheep too.
    That our "friends" do everything to achieve their goal, I would not expect anything else, whether it succeed I will not comment stand in the outside.
    So, the way in hell they can pave quiet, but for themselves.
    Which are not worked out some bills, of course, they could never tell us comfortable.
    So fast I do not let intimidated me.

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