From Deutschler

I mean now, exceptionally, something serious.

Namely, that I fortunately - not a lawyer am - or by destiny.

It would mean that I could lose my approval, because I said something sensible.

If I could only imagine what my children thought so.

"Dad, you have not done enough mischief? Now you have even more runterruiniert us with your nonsense! "

What would I as yet to the thoughtful reply?

So it is good that I am only intercessor. Even for myself.

This can not but know me yet, at least not a judge, most psychiatrists who may lose their license for their part, when they doing push it too colorful.

Even medical practitioners need a license since the Third Reich.

Not that I was therefore not a medical practitioner.

I did not know so much about diseases only.

My simple mind told me that I do not necessarily guttäte.

So I've become Deutschler.

The Deutschler distinguished in that it is hardly ever heard of one, much less understood.

This date also sees hardly a reason to question its non-existent approval.

I may even - for many years, again and again - say that I was a philologist. Although, or rather just because I have no decent approval for it. It was not even a threat that they would verzeigen me to the competent chamber, so that I would get at least once a complaint.

Sometimes you realize until later how proactive you were wise.

Almost all have approvals that may lose, only I do not.

While this does not pious, but - at least sometimes - fresh, happy and free.

Nor is there, so I write this while I still can, no EU regulation poet.

Then it would also me go to the collar.

Namely, I can hardly imagine that I create since the admission test me.

Not only that I in terms of the Frankfurt School to weak in the chest, I would fall even through the extended mandatory Masonic examination, made in oral, as a patriot, guaranteed every conceivable error, sat previously stayed at times Euro teaching everything hopelessly in the sand.

In this case, not to mention the times religion where I could not only my Abrahamitennachweis not teach, but also that account fell mercilessly by that I do not know the reasons therefor given the boys mutilation privilege by far.

So I write what comes before me can bring and exclude the poet chamber in court.

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