The Nachwuchse (VII and provisionally end)

I'm not even sure, even if only one of you has read only one of you dedicated to me texts, on the one hand my small network for dissemination, on the other hand, because there is currently no perhaps of "you" are.

But that is no matter.

I'm not very close (the Schwabe also likes to say: "ed quite bacha"), you've probably already noticed. Otherwise I should say such dregs of society like you yes to not ever again.

But I know that you must not even be already incarnated in order that this still would its meaning. After all, not only that one or the other other one but you have a couple of the Nachwuchse, so would like to have read to you, dedicated lines: Said is said.

I wish, wish you, that you understand and internalize these fünfsilbigen set to the bottom.

Who tells you that your words are useless, since they do not interested, will in reality you only connect the mouth. Even if he himself does not know.

Without a truly on temporal reasoning, however, you are really out of place. Without this you will be eaten by the sheep as the hay of Frühjahrsmahd so quickly.

Some more advice.

Do not let even one letter, slipping a word. Watch, I'll say it again, the accuracy of your terms. The sound of each set was you doing, its always fine feeling, in doubt guideline.

You should also, as we live in the 21st century plutocratic, necessarily at least good English can. To ensure that your it will not überwallt alswie a petrified bark.

And (for zweihundertsiebenunddreißigtsen Male): Hearken into the dialects! Will treasure hunters! Ask your whiskey still, as his real name!

Hearken out what the little children say, even the women! (That was a bit old-fashioned now.)

Hearken the locksmith, the baker, the artisans all!

Because a large part of your actions is a craft!

Never forget that!

And of course also the cunning listens. The recognized Großkotze. The bum, tobacconist and pants seller.

Finally listening to yourself. Because you in the world comes together. And apart.

You are everything.

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4 Responses to "The Nachwuchse (VII and provisionally end)"

  1. dear friend, I will like to inform you that your lines delight my heart and my spirit. I like exceedingly to read your dedications to the junior and I can assure you I'm taking your advice to heart. your advices and your exhortations. you write not in vain cheaper boyfriend. you do us, the poets, good. are thanked and encouraged. keep it up. bragi may always be with you.

    with dear greeting

  2. Dude says:


    My well-intentioned advice to you.

    Make sure the upper / lower case! And also to well organized presentation of your written!

    They increase the expressive potential and the immense significance of what is too often unfortunately underestimated nowadays.

    Greetings and uplifting writing

  3. Dude says:

    Be supposed, vor'm Sending, also eliminated as much as possible, especially in the not in the correct format - - errors such as this one - "Thy Written" so "your written word!" - Yes definitely the contents of the statement hazy could colorize.

    But it's getting late ... again ... too late.


  4. ey dud,

    you are damn right. just the thing with capital letters aint my thing.

    know you is. so ne art rapid prototyping. but will try my texts, not necessarily my contributions to put so.

    Thank you. I will take the wayseermanifesto in my blog.
    characterize it already ne now habs but not made. I do not know why.

    good cooperation
    love and greetings to all


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