News from the network idiots

As I thought of the disease and severely - chronic acute -'m infested me there is little to nothing, because even ponder such reasonable remuneration of artists, spiritual workers in total, had to recover in the network age.

It wants to go on a general cultural tax for "clicks", say many. This is also nothing more than else where the tabloids will just buy more than the BBC, though, that's life, to produce the latter is undoubtedly requires more effort. Just bad luck, as everywhere, for the one who makes something clever.

But basically this kind of total freedom of information advocates plead thus for a gebührliche total surveillance. So that if the abuse by phony clicks not floodgates to be opened up every click should be exactly matched IP. (Let's leave all the proxy tricks first time outside before. I know eh not know how well that, except in professional hand might actually work.)

That's all herausgeschwätzt blank and not thought through. No weighing of consequences. Simple solution, central computer counts, which can, chop chop.

The fact that so much richer "user profile" would be established everywhere, enforceable to the rest cent, in case of doubt, each click on Idiotenpuff "transparent", public, remember the info privateers obviously not for five pennies. To think you even have a computer today. The can.

So you traipsing because, "Anonymous" on demos against SOPA, PIPA and ACTA around while you are preparing to do just that by such means the bowls and lackeys, the one fought ostensibly. You feel as Rottweiler and surges as Rehpinscher to the pants pocket of Warner Bros., Goldman Sachs & Cie.

Target at the stupidity being recovered this world? - It seems nearly so.

Why no one says but me (that I know) something about how this is a form of oligarchic capitalist-controlled socialism 'conjured up under the banner of freedom, is longed for?

Am I crazy? Solo: Who disproved the above, the content?

Wrong last question: You think yet not even think about it!

Do not even about what the pretty much (say, hehe!) Last network Depp of the planet, aka Magnus Wolf Goeller, can piece together based on simple conjecture!

If these "cultural tax" come (remember the very word!), So I will mutate in all probability to the network guerrilla, not a hacker, because I can not, it will not even learn, but as German worst Stinkstiefel of the globe.

What Hennenseich let the people actually still drip into the ear? 20 Euros or so (do 5) a month, then click around freely, and Goeller provides for 28 cents per four-weekend 'ass over the brain, for lout people? Do you believe in earnest that I you then "content" verbratze?

Yes, maybe it is a good thing. An intermediate stage of development. The spelled the separates from the husk. Where the net just banal, useless, hypocritical, advertising, junk data, Mind Food, snot and we only evil more drinsteht.

Everything Positive, Constructive, good will, then that is personally charged in Gold kilos. Per word eight kilos.

Laughs'd better not talk about. I still may be the only or one of the few who can see what is being played. 300 of us are more than three billion of you worldwide. Mark my words.

Such a system of non-recognition of any intellectual value, the consumptive, voluntary enslavement namely inevitably, not long consisting collapse.

Let's see how long you hold your thinking through resistance.

In the emergency namely eats not only the devil fly, but one day the Reichstag dome, all Members amazement, last air, against all pelmet inner sake, Sunday morning wend kissed by poet redeeming word.

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