The time censored relatively best

On where already taking place all the time readers comment censorship and manipulation, so blatant that I wonder why there even still people try their journalistic accident, I was just on this article , the Armenians Murder in the First World War and the ratio of the Turks to canvassing, the date - relatively - original editorial extinguishing per justification:

"Real load
25.01.2012 at 17:48 clock
2. [...]

Please do not use on relativities. Thank you, the editor / Mon
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"Please do not relativizations" (the little "i" comes from me now): Since you obviously have to ask yourself what could have been relativized here. About the mass murder of Armenians against the deeds of Mao held? Stalin?

And is not each weighing a relativism?

Should we, for the time dear child, after all, that sounds so, now do without really generally on relativizations? Or only certain? Which one?

Can we at least Einstein's theory of relativity there, especially considering all they refute findings, after all, still qualify?

Or is a relativizers the theory of relativity - horribile dictu - already a spacetime deniers?

That's a strange shop, this time. Since the mirror blackout their speed hard even mostly in vain, to get behind.

Since I do not have to do without relativizations here: The time is - at least in relative terms, ie calculated on their relative size - the best so far unbeatable newspaper readers censorship of our beautiful country.

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33 Responses to "The time censored relatively best"

  1. Bookmark says:

    Hello Magnus,

    the time - at least the online version - has become such a way no-go-leaf for me. Over long distances I have commented here, I am also often censored or been completely deleted my comments. Ua my reference to the Gaussian distribution curve was once deleted with the comment that I should refrain from racist comments. It was only when I pointed out that this curve in the German school regularly occur in the context of mathematics and statistics teaching, my comment was made back online.

    Believe it or not.

    The blast, however, was a comment. Unfortunately I know the item no longer, otherwise I could set the link to it. It was definitely the so-called "doner murders", this comment under the article was so German racist, that I literally had every hair on end. Now I really do not run the risk of being overly patriotic and have nevertheless added my two cents, because I found this comment unbearable. I pointed out that an identical set of comment, in which the German word would be replaced by Jew, Coloured, Turk or even women, would probably bring me immediately a criminal complaint for racist remarks. I could not understand, therefore, that such a comment would have stayed.

    I got a lot of encouragement from subsequent commentators, but still the original German hostile comment just stood there. So around so everything is allowed.

    Since the time for me is through below. I can delete my account and so far refused steadfastly, again to show some commitment there, although my stupidity, against the strikes me there, partially true hurts.

    The only thing that I still treat myself, is the column by Harald Stein Mart.


    the bookmark

  2. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Bookmark

    Since I have not documented it at the time, the legal adviser of the time with some probability is likely to be more capable than the editors, I'm going to drain no memory of my report a trip in the time-comment column.

    I only say this much: Underground, what happened there like. (I had previously heard of it, on the left "Friday" mind you, as it zugehe there, then went to the test, alswelche the time immediately with the utmost bravery was.)

    To denote this convoluted as "intellectuals sheet" merely referred to that which is titled in this country by way of regular sheep medially as intellectually.

    A Bilderbergers newspaper for green Masonic school teachers who hold Heinrich Boll for the biggest, if not just slip them in a Stierkampampfanwandlung Hemingway between the legs.

    In his treatment of the comments certainly a quite earnestly about flying cheap satire organ.

  3. EuroTanic says:

    I can confirm that. The TIME has my Acc deleted without comment, because I mentioned in a Komment that Israel had killed during Operation "Cast Lead" 900 civilians, including 300 children.

  4. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ EuroTanic

    The time just censored not only opinions that do not fit her, but even confirmed factual allegations. The reasons for this are as threadbare as nochwas. "Please refrain from polemics." "Stay objectively" I even think I read ever: ". Please avoid judgmental statements".

    This danebichten types that require freedom of expression around the world (especially in China and Russia, Saudi Arabia rather less), are the biggest laughing stock of our media landscape, as they simultaneously suppress itself everything that does not fit in the stuff.

    Nor create it but surprisingly, to keep their left-liberal halo largely. However, the time-reality has been quite rumgesprochen. This is certainly a bit more.

  5. Welehamm says:

    Is nice if you can find your own experiences again in others. For me, Franziska cup has struck:,229,keine-zeit-mehr,item,0.html

    At first I thought she was a trainee, then I found out that it is community editor. Whatever it is, but community (= a group of people with common interests or sense of belonging) ???

  6. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Welehamm

    Thanks for the link and the information gathered there and further links. Very enlightening.

    The time is so hypocritical, makes its active reader down to an extent, this is already a class.

    Let's see how long they can still live on their grundverlogenen halo.

  7. WBöhme says:

    my experience with censorship TIME online just,

    I was always in faith, THE TIME would create a degree of liberality and freedom of expression value. After experiences with my post just to the Sarazin interview to Euro crisis just I have to say that the enforcement of the government view of the euro crisis in the TIME in a factual level by this Zensurmaßname still much sharper turns than in the form as I really in my wanted to criticize contribution.
    A voluntary self-censorship with regard to censorship experiences of online posts about my understanding of the freedom and openness of discussion incompatible, which is why I will not contribute anything more there.
    TIME online should for people who want to parrot not only be a NO-GO Official Forum. A discussion forum will be censored or deleted in the posts in such a way is good at best even for the staging of freedom of expression.
    By the way were immediately following my post deleted all posts that are beneficial to my relative also be deleted, as if it were here to eradication or suppression of counter-revolution.
    Where can the contributions of deleted forum alternatively publish time (I have Word file). It would be great if would create a kind of shadow crack our opinion supposedly free press in this way.

  8. H.Schmidt says:

    Meanwhile, the time deletes random people using alternative sources or latching of quote. Remain the corresponding contributions are (because there is nothing there which violates the Netiketten or sources Directives), the user account will be deleted, but. Without comment, without censorship, without reason.

    It is therefore no longer understand why the user accounts are locked. Also repeated questions at remains unanswered.

    I'm going to my next account accurately documented until this happens again. Then it is time to turn a lawyer.

  9. A Censored also says:

    Yep, exactly the same experiences. I have also wondered about my observations at to find any other repelled Ex-time reader in the network.

    Yes - it hurts when you go there in the forums. Writer of "young world" or "Jungle World" will be sponsored and there can their manure in 10-minute intervals post - of course extremely polemical. Respondents must exactly observe the netiquette and even then is censored with specious reasoning. The overall impression that it arises via the "reader-opinion" is, thus consciously directed. The same professional commentators, with exactly the same arguments and word choice, you will find the way also with again.

    Yes - really funny sheet. Especially when comments to "censor articles" censored, will pardon "moderated", it is for satire.
    Could write another 10 pages to grotesque individual cases, but the essence is said: Time is over: rag.

  10. A Timeless says:

    I've just been kicked, following nearly a year and quite a number of contributions that are, without trying to praise me but now even pushed the number of reader recommendations on some encouragement.
    The specific occasion was a comment from me in terms of "Ethics of Circumcision".

    It was a few minutes later:


    A few minutes later, the whole discussion has stalled. After only a few hours. It was probably not in the desired direction.

    On inquiry I was told to justify my comment make insinuations to the Ethics and practice in harsh polemics.

    Where should be the insinuation is unclear to me.
    And dripping with many articles on the subject of TIME just as before polemics and lack of objectivity. eg by Jörg Lau, or of Joseph Joffe.

    But "other mothers have much more beautiful daughters," I am for some years in the Heise forums, and are, in my opinion, a bulwark of freedom of expression. And technically thousand times better.
    I used many years a subscriber to the TIME, but that's quite a while since it has gone downhill with the TIME only. Josef Joffe is apparently her coffin nail.

  11. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ A Timeless

    Josef Joffe is one of the most notorious Bilderberg ever.

    What else should he be able, as hunzen, twist and censor?

  12. Dude says:


    Much indifferent topics and impressive example!

    But nothing new in the west ...;-)

    The train time is finally departed already at the latest ... ... a miracle they have the former interview with Jean Ziegler is not censored ...

    So this suggests additionally to inconsistency (or they have simply removed the pants full of riots at its finest in a power and greatness, which would bring entire hypocritical manipulation construct to collapse ..) out.

  13. Bookmark says:

    Hello hers :)).

    Have a great topic as yours.

    The Coronation of the TIME-censorship was for me, was deleted as one of my comments in which I referred to the Gaussian distribution curve.

    The comment referred to "racist remarks" that I should avoid it.

    In a subsequent comment then I remembered the TIME-censors in mind that those very fabric of the distribution curve intermediate level mathematics is not only common but and but compulsory school supplies.

    Then my posting was reinstated.

    I do not know what interns are at work there, but it was funny.


    the bookmark

  14. Bookmark says:

    Hach, because I see now that I've probably already written.


    You'd read all the comments yet again.

    So Magnus, look at my last post to be deleted :))).

  15. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Dude

    I have in the Linked from you Ziegler interview purely reads and wants to put it to two question marks.

    Why work for the UN?

    And how is it that I much clearer call a spade a spade, as the most ever, but never 10,000 or even what I know how many Francs had to pay penalty due to a claim?

    Is the fact that what I say, rather do not want to take them to court, or the fact that I'm smarter than that?

    Great sacrificed, the supposedly completely over-indebted constantly traveling, for sheer audacity to UN-ticket to the world, I do not even trust the toenail to the dirt underneath.

    The UN, with its enemy states clause and their deviant UN Security and proclaimed their imperialist wars correct, is not only declared enemy of my country, but a closer look, all peoples.

    It is only good for one thing: that they abolishes.

    Your Käsper, the Dalai Lama I like so special, so as once also his, with best Spezi, the Trilateraleneuropachef Graf Lambsdorff, who also had my extraordinary sympathy, those Pope, with all Wolfowitzen and Brezerecherinskis also, Joffe, Schmidt, Kissinger, Fischer Özdemir, all the rabble to do so.

    I forgot even the so-called NGOs.

    So organizations like the WWF, Human Rights Watch, Greenpeace, and how the whole rabble else may operate.

    The UN is nothing but a lying Masonic heap along with his associates.

    Anyone who knows anything knows that.

    If they were to offer me a million, however, propose to her this dumping prices their best possible settlement, then I'm in.

  16. Dude says:

    shit shit shit !!!

    I hate it when I write the uttermost interminable comments and pissserver then not eating * puke *

    have carved out already try 5 ... does not work fucki9ng fuck shit fuck

  17. Dude says:

    pfff ... the works here so again 6. try

    Dear Magnus

    I understand your skepticism, also and especially because certain hand gestures Ziegler's that indicate clearly on Freemasonry.

    "Why the works for the UN?"

    This question I can not answer - you should ask him yourself - but I assume that he is some kind (from our perspective "positive"!) Trojans in this Sauladen. The guy has a lot more on the ball than most would ever think, and I know with warranty!

    Have his masterpiece - - read?

    If not, and even if it is already almost 15 years ago since the launch, I recommend it to anyone on strongly, especially in the vicious system, and all the entanglements of "networks" will be screened, in a way they no equal place (I've at least seen nothing yet - even if you do not - what to wholeness in this string test dargebrachter way would zoom) to read this masterpiece in its entirety; even if it is a big downer, that with the purchase, in addition to the malignant Bahnhofstrasse vultures of Anwaltslakaien, nor the Bertelsmann gangster syndicate sponsors (but I'm sure with a search cleverly chosen you will also find a free downloadable PDF that you can then relish - or even less, given the content - may be on the ebook reader)-)!

    "How is it that I call much clearer horse and rider ..."

    Matter of opinion - I think you're there in about almost level, as well demonstrate the following three clips.


    Why could it be that once adopted, it would only be a brain scrubber and implanter of NWO doctrines, this seasoned old man of honor (which are, unfortunately, the longer the more threatened with extinction), never afraid to speak Tacheles, come what may, by be the Bahnhofstrasse vultures and other vermin, animals and Gekrauch terrorized so viciously that he now roughly estimated 6 million CHFR. Has private debt?

    Which brings me back to the first question back, why he works for the UN. Well, he is just not refined, considered acts and sent in the knowledge of the background of global disaster, and probably also to the Cabal (I remember the hand gestures) - CAMO. The UN salary is exempt from attachment! The Cottage on Lake Geneva belongs to the woman. Fucked eingeschädelt ...

    "... That is what I say, rather do not want to bring them to justice ..."

    That you should know better ... You're just one of the best counter-examples of complete Verblödetheit today's masses, and so they do not come against you, because you just know exactly what you can write, or how;-) and what or how;-) better not ...

    Best regards

    Ps. What's so bad about Greenpeace? Sure, I am aware that there are a few legitimate criticisms, but considered as a whole, one can never throw the club in the same pot with the WWF-criminals or the Human Rights Watch vermin!

  18. Dude says:


    please give me a mail address that works, so I can still submit the huge response not eaten here!

  19. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Dude

    Now only time with the rest. You are already so down that you write small. Just try again. I've just no time for extra post Kasteln. Sometime it knocks out already. Give otherwise please humble again.

  20. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Dude

    Well, now's funzt.

    I know things Ziegler otherwise, admittedly, not closer.

    My concerns remain for the time being described.

  21. Dude says:

    Ah, well! Thank you! From the 4th attempt the difficult serenity has crumbled, so the uncorrected small write orgy founded. Sorry, but there is nothing appeared, and those things just drive me to a white heat.

    Did I already decent in party mood - Oldschool-Outdoor in Zurich Obeland tonight:-D - drunk. :-)

    Hereby wishes everyone a weekend of loving gefreutes lights.


  22. Thor says:

    I Wirde sang the account of the Taliban in the Gutbürger-time editors and toneless blocked because I spoke supposedly extremely misogynist and a football national team offended.

    In fact, I had commented on a picture in an article about the national team Annike Krahn with the words, the woman would look more like a man, WOULD very strict and not very feminine. And I hope you at least after the Fußballerei back woman may be.

    The Hilfssherrifs of the time put something out as misogynist - unbelievable but true. Did my time then print subscription terminated.
    Should they study with the Council mag for the time degenerated but is itself wipe the ass.
    Enjoy it.

  23. Each Everyman says:

    I have been many occasions when time operated censorship, but it really should be SPD sheet that operate the enormous.

    Most of all make it in politics or historical aspects.
    If you Poles scream again after repair claims.
    Or when it comes to the choice of 2013 and one evil tongue to SPD voters because they are so wrong. I can only were each to buy such a rag or read. Although I must say I read me for years not written by the journalists, because it's the same repeating again and again. As with other names and other propaganda, dear reader, I read the reviews because I know that there are people who also have an opinion and represented.

  24. Genghis Khan says:

    The TIME was once very liberal, as Mr. John Kuhn nor moderated. But that has long history. The arbitrary censorship on the flimsiest of justifications for TIME with unpopular opinions has long officially.

    Especially when China issues the hypocrisy of the TIME-censors is too obvious. Tirelessly denounced the editors of Time-censorship in China. But if a Forum writer dares to criticize the chin. Party cadres, is censored, there's no tomorrow. In principle, yes only praises to the economically emerging country permitted.

    The trouble with the TIME is that the moderation own style is never questioned visible. Above all, the diligent censors fk, ft sam and behave exactly like the chin. Party cadres. How much it must have required these employees to exercise the inherent power of their small Pöstchens to allow only their own opinion spectrum?

    The Forum of TIME was once one of the best in the country. It was a pleasure to participate, for the most TIME Foristen had a much higher level than that which was revealed in the set of articles editors. The forum was flattened without need. Today in TIME 'dead trousers' in the comment section that you can very well see from the minimum number of reviews. When TIME only write a few submissive masochist and some on the left that match content with the TIME-censors.

    The nickname 'Helmut Schmidt's Euro-Pravda' is thus highly deserved. The TIME should now be for all citizens liberal set a 'no-go'.

  25. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Genghis Khan

    That's an interesting development, as the TIME has dug its hole in the last Lahren about as stupid as aggressive reader censorship.
    I've stopped going looking for some time, but it is, according to what I hear over and over again, really, as you say: "In the TIME only write a few submissive masochists as well as some on the left, with the TIME-censors content match. "
    About three weeks ago I made on the overall problem again carefully, but with the main emphasis on the so-called "alternative media".
    This has not only caught it, you should, as a hint.
    Shortly to Helmut Schmidt, that figurehead of the NWO. Henry Kissinger's best buddy: All Said by that.

  26. zensurbeizeitundspiegelonline says:

    in time online is censored in fact whim. only 2 comments my account was deleted without comment, although the comments received encouragement from other readers. his own opinion you can not express, it is a pity there anyway.
    the comments were factual but it is required to match not reflect the "general opinion". were predominantly factual allegations. but it seems to me that the time does not want to print the truth. Instead, it distorts the general opinion of the comments in a way that you could believe that all men are of the same opinion. creative food for thought are undesirable from the standard dissent will not be tolerated. a very nasty left radical fascist jerk goes by the editors. meaningless comments that are contrary to any intellectuality but tolerated. it seems to me that has reached the editors of Time and mirror the general German brainwashing. at Spiegel Online my comments were not even published.
    both papers I will not read because they do not respect the freedom of expression and the truth deliberately distort to a certain agenda to pursue.

  27. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Dude

    The FAZ is meanwhile also not lazy (especially Ukraine and IS and their armament by the United States and allies from the Gulf are no dissenting opinions or information desired; to manipulate the strands comment and proposes strangest capers), easy to find here:

  28. Dude says:

    Well ... the show must go on ...

  29. Spiro67 says:

    Am yesterday flown from the TIME-forum because I called the Ukrainian partisans Semen Semchenko as the "butcher" and asked "how far you would like to drop if you are such criminals a forum to justify their actions." The comment was not a minute online and was then cleared for "defamation". After that, only error messages and since I'm out, I can not log in anymore ...

  30. Spiro67 says:

    Sorry, the means Semen Semenchenko, leader of the DONBAS Regiment.

  31. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Spiro67

    Thank you for the message. It is now also frequently sued for and about censorship. From Nachmanipulationen, so that one still, though responses, the text would be cut distorting, so that one should stand in their sense alswie an ass, I'm there but not heard.
    So probably keeps time by all the major MSM media in Germany is still the record for liberal hypocrisy.
    Much of what the drive there, at least exaggerated, in my opinion, would be readily justiciable.
    Because it is a violation of personal rights, it is falsifying public disparaging when you get such as I experienced it, intentionally moved in a bad light, especially if you are driving under real names.
    I am concerned, however, since virtually no longer with them.
    This Bilderbergerschrapselunten like without me in red ink make black or brown.
    No time to take care of every hypocritical crap.
    More contributions to them here but, of course, welcome.
    After all, this article appears here at the world's biggest search engine, you are only "time censorship" one, still in second place.

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