From new beginning end

05 April 2014

This blog is from this - last post serves only comment pointing - at least in the longer term.

This means that all contributions continue to be called, opened the comment, I will respond, where appropriate.

After more than five years and more than 4000 articles, it's time.

My special, heartfelt thanks to all who here manchesmal at great expense, often very suggestive, involved.

It may also well be that here - or anderwo, perhaps also in printed form - will eventually appear a compilation of my opinion most important published texts.

As everyone can imagine easily that knows me, I'll allzumal not set the literary creation.

Also, I will earnestly still supervise my zeitgeist-print column or write on the side something. Read more »

Only the other into the fire

04 April 2014

An interesting aspect are the people who only ever send one into the fire.

Be sure not just get suitable.

They themselves, however, have the Born eccentricity is required.

The fate was now times.

So we advise for and sends ago.

Always be sure the rear. Read more »

Muslims times the other way

04 April 2014

Of one who no longer was good for me, I thereat also not good, I heard a story that nevertheless newsworthy.

It was about Muslim immigrants.

I tell the story from memory as best as I can.

He had a Außeinandersetzung reprimanded with an acquaintance who demanded still more tolerance and understanding of our Muslim fellow citizens in this respect him as unduly diskriminös.

Then he (as I said, from memory): "Just imagine that would mass-looking here, all their wives made the local men mercilessly, just vice versa, at any time spread your legs, but castles their men totally gone, disguises the fact that you never herankämest at her best only on the face, where you tried to make it, then you would be ever so tolerant and so much for still more immigration of those? Huh? I do not think so! "


Therefore reproduced here.

From free death and the cowardly hypocrites

04 April 2014

Among Christians and many others, attach the crude religions, suicide is a grave sin, a mortal sin at all (laughing).

So I know this also from the usual reincarnation believers who are indeed more likely to avoid the concept of sin, but about talking about a crime, going against himself as the cosmic order, which can be too bitter to pay for the one who bitterly atone .

Now, I want to be fair: I can not prove that they are all wrong.

One for Bedenk I give this but. And if it should penetrate only glued ears. Read more »

From Osho bare Krämpflingen

04 April 2014

This Osho had really from a wheel. At least one.

Now I got to read from it that the male inhabitants of the earth around the age of fourteen was developing his sexuality, what yes like coarse tackle well, then, however, if he had twenty-eight years gevö good ... t, so at 42, his sexuality transcends properly.

I do not know where this specialist herhat his findings; but what. in a marriage with a marriage should normally happen if, say, thirty-eight, not yet completely brainless and wanstverspeckte wife has to look at this, because I have so my opinion on

You will transcend their sexuality in a different bed, and when they should abkriegen no more mid-thirties, so it takes even a nichtranszendierten mid-forties, certainly. Read more »

Let's see (II)

04 April 2014

But it should not be relied on the fact that I only Hinsch rub certain things when I no longer live.

Let's see

04 April 2014

Sometimes it would be better if you were already dead.

You could write down things that you should not write down lebicht.

Maybe I'll old enough that I can escape this rule.

From Toleranzgeschwafel

03 April 2014

Anyone who can do something that sets itself apart from also. Toleranzgeschwafel.

This is a stratagem

03 April 2014

Even the most primitive animism is more human mind and also flows through love, as all so-called world religions. That is evident. Why this is so, because you rätsele times. I will not so easily discovered. This is a stratagem.

From the Abhubern

03 April 2014

We do not actually stand in an actual Gegentume to all the Abrahamic, Hindu and Buddhist Abhubern and now not further designated obscurantist residue of a similar nature.

It looks only at times like this.

In fact, we go to them all over.

Always have.

What does this teach us a false Goethe Quote

03 April 2014

The history of this post I put here are known.

Two things in the matter of interest.

First, that even - or especially? - Shortened, removed from its context quote Goethe but to - in my opinion - quite relevant considerations led.

Secondly, we have learned along it, how careful one should deal with quotes.

Jermain it took just a collection (you have dessenthalben enough ash to your main scattered, rather Jermain!), And I took it, the quote judgmental, although it appeared to me so strange an angle, then hinwiederum simply by his side.

It is Jermaine credit that he then precisely nachsuchte that the fraud was uncovered.

So we both did at first, if not wollentlich, Goethe wrong, put things in the world that ascribe to him as when viewing the original passage could not withstand.


This will be a lesson to me.

The Prime Directive of NATO and EU

03 April 2014

Who does not mitlügt, is original sin, even the fights, endschuld. Any similarities with the Bible and the Koran are purely coincidental.

From the most miserable

02 April 2014

The most wretched want just Merry.

From the transformation now

02 April 2014

The transformation is noticeable.

The lies of "the West", "the international community", "the Europeans", "the world community" are exactly those less and less believed the same one needs to maintain essential.

There are those "petty bourgeois", as we now already cynical-jokingly called himself whose still at least grudging assent to the system critically important.

In short, a large part of the thinking performer falls from not only, but turns off audible.

Man has learned powerful.

Meanwhile, there are complaints overwhelmingly no longer on the corporate media, whose possible censorship practices: Man mocks.

The media mind control is Defunkt.

The warmongering is exposed.

The last two years have brought the breakthrough. Read more »

I will depart from

02 April 2014

I break out.

Not clear.

Not from.

But on.

I see you.

Freedom grows.

Those who speak honestly?

Who embraces the world?

Where flying memorial and performing mental?

Once again Willi from Berlin ...

March 30, 2014

Just called me at Willi from Berlin.

How exactly did he actually myself do not know why.

He had pressured speech but still.

And finally, he knew it.

Or I zuwenigst. Read more »

From my philosophical taste

March 30, 2014

I have - as Oscar Wilde in eating and drinking - in philosophy a very simple tastes: I want only the best of everything.

From modern retro philosophy

March 30, 2014

After the poor finally had to have read Nietzsche, was it to them, but too much. So they crept back to the pyramids, Moses, Jesus Christ, astrology, reincarnation their wishes and - o salvation! - The Holy Sankt speed of light.

Of the modern Esos

March 30, 2014

The typical current Eso is a bastard of Subjude and half Indian.

Osho: Just decadent as UG Krishnamurti

March 30, 2014

I am reading a little Osho. In Spanish. So I bit them back at least learn again.

Already on the first pages was clear to me where the fascination stirred his philosophy.

Alleged absolute freedom and self-determination.

A philosophy but that has no children, so they these as - front hires free - yet.

Ultimately, an individual monastery philosophy.

Socrates, as a shining example, let drank the hemlock, also could mention either staying in Athens, or go into exile.

This he did, not shrinking from death, not this lighthouse human freedom and self-determination.

Yes, without responsibility for children. So ultimately the transmission of life.

So, as well as Osho. Read more »

Turkey and Syria: More war why and for whom?

March 29, 2014

If you read these two pieces to Turkey or its Syria policy, one can be almost dizzy. campaign-12869234.html

Turkey has now actually burned through all its arms supplies and other support of anti-Assad forces in Syria, fueling the civil war there, the own ass?

What forces are there that make the Turkish government now think of a direct intervention in the Syrian civil war?

Know about anybody?

A handful of guerrillas can it be unlikely.

And he who hears the Turkish government not only phone, is even able to bring most secret deliberations to the public?

The Mossad? The CIA? The Russians?

Are suddenly so threatening perceived forces - obviously not Assad - from the box Qatar and Saudi Arabia funded?

Would that without the goodwill of the Americans? Read more »

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